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wearing the green beret

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Q: Is an example of unit tradition?
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What is an example of a unit tradition?

wearing the green beret

Is an example of a unit tradition?

wearing the green beret

Which of the following is an example of a unit tradition Flying the flag of the United States hand salute bugle call reveille?

wearing green beret

Is wearing a maroon beret a unit tradition?

Depends which unit you are referring to.

What is an example of a derived unit?

One example of a derived unit is the unit of force. Also, the Newton unit is also another prime example of a derived unit.

What are examples of a army unit tradition?

The US Army is filled with traditions. One definition of tradition is "a customary pattern of thought, action, or behavior held by an identifiable group of people." A well-known tradition is the action of a lower-ranking person saluting a higher-ranking military officer. Another common tradition is the wearing of distinctive unit insignia, such as crests and patches.

What is deliberate tradition?

Confucianism is an example of this; it states that there is no instinctual tradition as every new generation has its own society, therefore tradition must be conciously established for it to exist.

What is an example of oral tradition?

word of mouth

What is an example of a army tradition?

"bugle call"ALMS

What are the BEST example of oral tradition in India?


Is tradition a collective noun?

There is no traditional use of the noun 'tradition' as a collective noun. However, collective nouns are an informal part of language. Any noun that suits the situation can function as a collective noun, for example, a tradition of rites, a tradition of names, a tradition of designs, etc.

What is an example of unit rate?

it is a denominator of 1 unit

An example of a derived unit?

Newton, (unit of force)

What is true of an oral tradition?

An oral tradition is a practice by which culture is handed down through oral means rather than through written means. For example, storytelling is an oral tradition, but reading the same story in a book would not be oral tradition.

What is the unit used for work?

Same as the unit for energy. For example, the SI unit is the joule.

What is an example of the word oral tradition in a sentence?

The old African tribes used oral tradition to pass stories throughout generations.

What genres do not have their origin in the oral tradition?

One example is The Novel.

What is an example of Tradition?

A tradition is something like a a handed down from generation to generation story, legend or custom or an inherited way of thinking or acting.

Why do planes use knots instead of MPH?

Tradition, of course. But why would you want to replace one obsolete unit by another unit that is also obsolete? The correct unit for speed is meters/second, or perhaps kilometers/hour.

Is kelvin an example of fundamental unit?

Yes Kelvin is a fundamental unit of temperature.

What is an example of a formula unit?

Glucose is C6H12O6 and the formula unit would be CH2O

What is a unit of blood For example in the bag at the hospital is it a pint a liter that makes up a unit or?


What is a unit in mathematics?

A unit in mathematics is the measurement of an object, such as cubes. EXAMPLE: 1 cube is one unit.

What are some entertainment from other countries?

Some people have traditions that support entertainment. For example a Carnival (carneeval) in Jamaica, is a tradition 40 days before Easter but also entertaining. Another example is in Ireland, the Irish dance is a tradition but still entertainment.

What is premitive unit of measure?

An example of a primitive unit of measure is the length of a body part.