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why do you want to no?

i don't have to tell you

instead of wasting your time typing your question here, why dont you search it up on Google.

thats what everyone does when there answering someones question, the go on google to look for the answer.

so why not do it your self instead of asking other people

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Q: Is architectural building means a product?
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When was Tashkent Architectural Building Institute created?

Tashkent Architectural Building Institute was created on 1991-05-06.

What is the architectural display of the building fallingwater?

organic architecture

What do you need to build a mission?

You need an architectural plan, a building permit, and building materials.

How might the architectural plans for building the Megalopolis factory be compared to DNA?

The architectural plans for building the Megalopolis factory can be compared to DNA in that both serve as blueprint-like instructions for constructing complex, functional systems. Just as DNA contains the genetic code for building and operating living organisms, architectural plans provide the specific guidance for constructing and operating the factory. Both are essential for ensuring the successful realization of a predetermined design.

What three architectural styles did the Roman use most often?

building roads, building aqueducts, and building arches

What is the architectural style of the Old War Office Building and Foreign Office Building in London?


A sentence with the word testament in it?

The building was a testament to their architectural brilliance.

What is architectural term for a covered grand entrance to a building?

A portico

What does the word architectural style mean?

The style in which a building is designed.

What are some books that are about architectural plans?

There a wide variety of great books which include details about architectural plans. Some of these architectural books include The Timeless Way of Building, and The Architecture of Happiness.

Which architectural style most influenced the desing of this building?

Neoclassical architecture

Where do you find a weathervane?

You usually find it at the highest point of an architectural building.