Where do you find a weathervane?

Updated: 9/20/2023
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You usually find it at the highest point of an architectural building.

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Q: Where do you find a weathervane?
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When was Weathervane Restaurant created?

Weathervane Restaurant was created in 1969.

How does a weathervane spin?

A weathervane spins with the direction of the wind due to the force exerted by the wind on its surface area. The design of the weathervane allows it to rotate freely and point in the direction the wind is coming from.

Where can you get weathervane jeans?

i dont know.

What bird is on a weathervane?

A roster is the usually bird of choice.

What does an weathervane used for?

So we can tell which way the wind is blowing.

What is on top of the weathervane of fen ditton church?

a rowing eight

What does weathervane measures?

Weather vane measures wind direction.

Why is the weathervane invented?

it was invented because ppl hav to mesure the wind :)

How many syllables are in weathervane?

There are three syllables. Weath-er-vane.

Where is the weathervane in club pony pals?

One Of Your Friends Has To Gift It To You. Hope This Helps! =) From Player:StarPony8642

What has the author Rodney J Kaiser written?

Rodney J. Kaiser has written: 'Characteristics of the Pacific weathervane scallop (Pecten [Patinopecten] caurinus, Gould 1850) fishery in Alaska, 1967-1981' -- subject(s): Weathervane scallop fisheries

Who made the weathervane?

shem drowne made the first weather vane . He made it in the early 1700's.He came from boston