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Area and the square of 1 foot is the same thing. A square measuring 1 x 1 = 1ft2 which is the same as the area.

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Q: Is area greater or less than 1 square foot?
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Area of a circle with a 5 foot radius is it less than greaterr than or equal to 75.5 ft?

Greater than 75.5 square feet: a circle with a radius of 5 feet has an area of 78.54 square feet.

Square foot or square feet?

"square foot" is singular, "square feet" is plural. In other words, if you are referring to one 12" by 12" area, (144 inches or less), square foot is appropriate. However any dimension greater than 12" by 12", (that is, 144 total inches once the multiplication is complete), square feetis the nomenclature which is germane.

How many square foot does a standing human occupy?

The footprint of a human is less than one square foot. The exact answer will depend on the individuals foot size/area.

Is 187 greater or less than 1 square foot?

187 square kilometres is bigger, 187 square micrometres is smaller. Take your pick!

What is the area of a rectangle if it has an perimeter of 54?

Any area you like greater than 0 square units, and less than or equal to 182.25 square units.

Is 1 foot greater than less than or equal to 10 inches?

1 foot=12 inches so greater

Is the square root of 37 less than or greater to 6.08?

greater than

Is 100 inches greater or less than 3 yard and 1 foot?

It is less than 3 yards and 1 foot which equals 120 inches

How big is 24sq feet?

24 square feet equals about 2.23 square meters. It's greater than the area of a twin size mattress but less than the area of a full size mattress.

Surface area of square?

It is the area of the square. Nothing more, nothing less.

Is 100 inches greater or less than 3 yards and 1 foot?

less than

What square number is greater than 100?

The square of any number greater than 10 (or less than -10) will be greater than 100.

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