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No. The average speed is the average of the magnitude of the velocity but not the magnitude of the average of the velocity.

This is because for vectors |A + B| ≤ |A| + |B|.

Suppose you travel 100 metres due East at 10 metres per second and then 100 metres due North also at 10 metres per second. Your speed, throughout, is 10 metres per second and so that is your average speed.

But your average velocity is the total displacement vector divided by the total time. This is

100*sqrt(2) metres due NE/20 sec = 7.07 metres per second due North East.

Its magnitude is 7.07 metres/sec.

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Q: Is average speed the magnitude of average velocity?
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Does average velocity and average speed have the same number?

velocity is a vector and speed is scalar. Velocity has magnitude and directions, with magnitude being speed. The magnitude of average velocity and average speed is the same.

Is distance the magnitude for average velocity?

No. Average speed is.

Can average velocity and average speed be same?

The magnitude of both can be the same.

The magnitude of the average velocity vector?

The magnitude is the speed, such as m/s or km/h.

Is overall velocity the same as average speed?

No, velocity is a vector quantity (i.e. magnitude & direction) while speed is a scalar quantity (i.e. magnitude only).

When is speed equal to the magnitude of velocity?

Speed is equal to the magnitude of velocity when the object is moving in a straight line without changing direction. In other words, if the velocity vector is pointing in the same direction as the motion of the object, then the speed will be equal to the magnitude of the velocity.

Is velocity a vector or a scalar?

no its a vector quantity,not a scalar quantity,bcz still it z a velocity bt NT a speed On a typical journey the average velocity is the straight-line distance between the start and finish, divided by the time taken, and it also has a direction. The average speed is the actual distance run, divided by the speed. The average speed might not be equal to the magnitude of the average velocity. For example on a round trip the average speed might be 40 mph, while the average velocity is zero.

How is speed difrent from velocity?

Velocity has magnitude and direction and speed only has magnitude.

What is the magnitude of velocity?

what is magnitude of average velocity

Does speed have magnitude only?

speed has magnitude. velocity has magnitude and direction.

How is velocity diffrent from speed?

Velocity is a vector, and so it has two components -- magnitude (speed) and direction. Speed is a scalar, and it is the magnitude of velocity, a vector.

Can your speed and velocity ever have the same magnitude?

Speed and velocity always have the same magnitude, becausespeed is the magnitude of velocity.The difference is that velocity has a direction but speed doesn't