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Q: Is buying a bond similar to paying for a dividend?
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How are interest on a bond calculated?

Know the bond's face value, then, find the bond's coupon interest rate at the time the bond was issued or bought, then, multiply the bond's face value by the coupon interest rate it had when issued, then, know when your bond's interest payments are made, finally, multiply the product of the bond's face value and interest rate by the number of months in between payments.

What are arbitrage situations?

An example of arbitrage was declared against a county that obtained $10 million in bonds for the purpose of developing a landfill. Some of the bond money was used for a land purchase and engineering studies. For several reasons the landfill was never built. The county put the remaining bond money into CDs at their local bank and drew a higher rate of interest than they were paying bondholders. The government charged the county with arbitrage and charged a fine.

How is the interest on a bond calculated?

it is calucated on the face value of the bond

Why is the water bond angle 104.5 less than the CH4 bond angle 109.5?

in water there are two bond pairs and two lone pairs where as in CH4 there are are four bond pairs nad no lone pair. in ch4 there is only bond pair to bond pair repulsion but in water there are three types of repulsions, lone to lone (greatest repulsion), lone to bond ( lesser repulsion ) and bond to bond ( the least repulsion) , therefore due to the presence of two lone pairs in water the bond pairs are repelled with greater force and they get compressed, reducing the ideal bond angle from 109.5 to 104.5 on the other hand, ch4 has only bond pairs and they dont repel each other that strongly so its angle is greater n its 109.5..

What are the bond angles of trigonal planar?

The bond angles are 120 degrees

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What is buying a similar bond similar to?

Giving a loan.

What is most similar to the act of buying a bond?

Your answer is "Giving a Loan" (:

Which of these is a type of security dividend corporate bond common stock or treasury note?

None of the above are a type of dividend.

A common stock which pays a constant dividend can be valued as if it were?


What act is most similar to buying a bond?

Investing in a certificate of deposit (CD) is most similar to buying a bond. Both allow you to invest a specific amount of money for a fixed period of time in return for receiving interest payments. Additionally, both bonds and CDs are considered relatively safe investment options compared to stocks.

Define yield in mutual funds?

Yield is the interest earned on a bond, or the dividend paid on a stock or mutual fund.

What happens to the price of a bond when a coupon is announced and to the price of a stock when dividend is announced.Why and how.Please provide suitable examples?

Generally, the price of a stock will rise around the same amount as the announced dividend. This may happen within a trading day or over a few days, because buyers are guaranteed a known return on their investment (the dividend). There is an element of risk involved in buying a share simply because it is about to go ex-dividend. A share's price will usually drop by the amount of the dividend very quickly after the ex-dividend date because new buyers won't be eligible for the dividend. Therefore, you could be holding a share that is worth less than what you paid for it and you will have to hold onto it for a while. But if the company's financials are solid, it is not unusual for the price to actually continue to rise. It depends a great deal on where the dividends are coming from, genuine profit or borrowings.

What bond is formed between two similar atoms?

A covalent bond is formed between two atoms with similar electronegativity.

When you buy a United States saving bond you?

When buying a United States saving bond you have to sign papers. This savings bond is there to keep until you come to age.

When you buy a united States savings bond you?

When buying a United States saving bond you have to sign papers. This savings bond is there to keep until you come to age.

In the stock market what is arbitration and that stagey?

Arbitrage is the nearly simultaneous buying or selling of similar securities that are poorly related in their respective prices. A convertible bond might be undervalued compared to the common stock, for instance. It gous on....

If a person has a bail amount of 30 thousand dollars and a bond is 10 percent which is 3 thousand dollars how much does the person paying the bond get back if the acussed is found not guilty?

The person paying the bond does not get anything back. The purpose of paying a bond is so you don't have to come up with the full amount of the bail. The 10% that you pay a bondsman it what he earns for guarnteeing you will appear in court. If you don't appear then the bondsman loses the full amount of the bail.