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Q: Is decameter custoumary or metric
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Is a decameter a customary unit or a metric unit?


What is the definition of a decameter?

a metric unit of length, equal to 10 meters.

1 decameter means?

a metric unit of length, equal to 10 meters.

What are some examples of metric measurements?

milimeters, centemeters, decameter, meter, kilometer

What are the metric lengths?

Kilometer, Hectometer, Decameter, meter, decimeter, centimeter, milimeter

What is the scale for the metric system?

from biggest to smallest. kilometer, hectometer, decameter, meter, centimeter, millimeter.

What units of measurements in the metric system?

kilometer hectometer decameter meter decimeter centimeter millimeter

Define the metric system and name four metric units?

Metric System- A system of measuring length, volume, and weight based in groups of 10 Some Metric Units: Millimeter, Centimeter, Decimeter, Meter, Decameter, Hectometer, Kilometer

How many centimeters are in decameter?

1 decameter = 1000000 decameter

How many inches are in a decameter?

A decameter is 10 meters.1 decameter = 393.700787 inches

What is larger 1 meter or decameter?

a decameter

Which unit is larger decimeter or decameter?


100 meters equals what like 10 meters is a decameter but what is 100 meters?

The metric unit of length equal to 100 metres is a hectometre.

Is a decameter bigger then a meter?

A decameter is 10 times larger than a meter. A decameter is 10 meters.

What is the number of meters in a decameter?

There are 10 meters in a decameter.

What is the same length as a decameter?

A decameter is 10 meters.

How many meters arein a 0.5 decameter?

1 decameter = 10 meters 0.5 decameter = 5 meters

What does decameter to cm convert by?

1 decameter=10m 1meter =100cm 1 decameter=10*100=1000cm

Is decameter is larger than a nonometer?

I think you mean decameter and nanometer a decameter is 10 meters a nanometer is one billionth of a meter so a decameter is 10 billion nanometers

How many decimeters are in a decameter?

1 decameter is 100 decimeters.

Examples of a decameter?

A decameter is 10 meters long. Examples of a decameter include a three story building and a truck without a trailer.

How many feet is 1 decameter?

1 decameter = 32.808399 feet

How many miles are in a decameter?

1 decameter is about 0.00621 (0.00621371192) miles.

What does a decameter measure?

A decameter is a unit of length equal to ten meters.

Is decameter bigger than a meter?

is decameter bigger than a meter