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A polynomial of degree zero is a constant term

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The sum or difference of p and q is the of the x-term in the trinomial

A number a power of a variable or a product of the two is a monomial while a polynomial is the of monomials

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Q: Is deci larger than centi
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Is the amount represented by 'deci-' larger than that by 'centi-'?

Yes. The prefixes 'deci-' and 'centi-' refer to given amounts of any unit of measure. In the case of 'deci-', it's one-tenth. In the case of 'centi-', it's one-hundredth. So the prefix 'deci-' refers to a larger amount under consideration than does the prefix 'centi-'.

Is the prefix deci indicates a larger number than the prefix centi?


Does the prefix deci- indicate a larger number number than the prefix centi-?

The deci- prefix means one tenth (1/10 = 0.1) The centi- prefix means one hundredth (1/100 = 0.01) Therefore for the same unit, a deci- one is larger than a centi- one. eg 1 decimetre is larger than 1 centimetre since 1 dm = 0.1m > 0.01m = 1 cm.

Which is greater centi or deci?

Deci is Latin for "ten", Centi is Latin for "hundred"

Are kilograms larger than milligrams?

Yes, the order goes: kilo hecto deca Unit - mLg deci centi milli

Witch is larger decimeter or centimeter?

Deci- means tenth of Centi means hundredth of so you know from fractions a tenth is larger than a hundredth, so a decimeter is larger.

Which prefix stands for a greater value centi or deci?


Which one is larger decagrams or centigram?

decagrams. from small to big: milli centi unit deci deca kilo

What is deci in decimal?

Deci means one tenth of a mumber. EX. decilitre- It means 1/10 of a litre. Deci is a term like 'Centi. Deci= 1/10 ,Centi= 1/100

How do you remember that a dekameter is larger than a decimeter?

Of the three prefices immediately next to the measurement unit, those that end in i (milli, centi and deci) are smaller than the unit. The ones that are larger (deka, hecto, kilo) do not end in i.

What is khdudcm in the metric system?

Kilo Hecto Deka unit deci centi mili

How many times larger is a centigram than a milligram?

A centigram is one hundredth of a gram and is ten times larger than a milligram because centi- means one hundredth and milli- means one thousandth. From largest to smallest here are the metric prefixes hecto deka basic unit deci centi milli

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