Is dividing by zero possible

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Dividing by zero is impossible and should never be done. My old math teacher used to have a Mathematical Ten Commandments and "You shall not divide by zero was one of them."

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Q: Is dividing by zero possible
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Related questions

Is dividing by zero equal to 1?

no dividing by zero equals to 0

Can zero change a sum?

Adding or subtracting zero cant, multiplying or dividing by zero can.

What are the rules in dividing integers?

A positive integer divided by a positive integer always results in a positive quotient. It is not possible to divide by zero.

Why a number is not divisible by zero?

To divide a number by zero means the number will be unchanged, same as dividing by 1. Try dividing by zero on a calculator and you will get an undefined error message.

Do you annex a zero when dividing decimals?


The thery of dividing by zero?

Dividing by zero can cause all sorts of errors (like "proving" that 1 = 0), so division by zero is strictly avoided in modern math.

Does dividing by zero result in an imaginary number?

No. Dividing by zero is undefined. It does not result in anything.

What do you do when there is a remainder when your dividing decimals?

add a zero to the end (only if it'safter the decimal) and continue dividing

Which is the maths method that zero is not used?

Zero is not used as the divisor when dividing with the process of division.

When is an equation undefined in division?

One way is if the denominator becomes zero.

How many possible remainder ae there when dividing by 2?

If the dividend is a positive integer (a whole number) then the possible remainders are 0 (zero) when the dividend is an even number and 1 when the dividend is an odd number.

What best describes a number which results from dividing a rational number by zero?

You can't divide by zero.

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