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Q: Is divorce against Biblical values
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What are the biblical reasons that a person may divorce?

If your spouse has cometted fornication

What factors have caused the family unit to weaken?

Divorce!!! The breakdown of the family unit and its values are a result of divorce!!

What has the author Denzil Chetty written?

Denzil Chetty has written: 'Divorce discourses' -- subject(s): Biblical teachings, Christianity, Divorce, Religious aspects, Religious aspects of Divorce

What is the United Methodist Church stand on divorce?

If the Methodist adhere to Biblical scriptures, GOD hates divorce Mark 10: 7-9

Can the foreigners file for divorce in India?

no. In india, it's against custom to divorce.

What has the author Donald W Shaner written?

Donald W. Shaner has written: 'A Christian view of divorce' -- subject(s): Biblical teaching, Divorce

Can a divorcee sign up with a christian single dating service?

Yes! According to, divorced Christian singles may use their website among others who promote Christian values. From a biblical standpoint, God never wanted divorce to take place - the only biblical reference given that divorce may happen is when one mate commits sexual immorality (adultery) with someone. (Matthew 19:8-9)

What is the Diminishing Influence of Biblical Values in Public life today?

The blindness of the leaders of the BLIND

What are the statute of limitations for divorce in Massachusetts?

Divorce is not a crime. There is not statute of limitations on divorce. A divorce case can be brought at any time against the other party of the marriage.

How long after a divorce do you have to wait to remarry in Florida?

There are no restrictions against remarriage following a divorce decree.

How did Stephen Hopkins feel about the diminishing influence of Biblical values in public life?

Stephen Hopkins did what he wanted.

How do you divorce a prisoner in Dallas County?

If the prisoner is not against the idea, file for an un-contested divorce with the Clerk of The Court. If the prisoner does not want the divorce, you may have a problem.

How long after a divorce can a person get married in Maryland?

Once a divorce is legally finalized, immediately. There are no restrictions against remarriage following a divorce decree absolute in Maryland.

What are the Hindu views on divorce?

For Divorce: Hindus believe that if a marriage cannot produce a son or any children, a divorce is permitted, ideally after 15 years. Cruelty in a relationship can be a possible reason for a divorce. Against Divorce: Hindus see divorce as a social outcast.

Why didn't god let wives divorce abusive husbands according to the Torah?

There is no prohibition against divorce in the Torah. Although the husband has to initiate divorce according to Jewish law, in cases of abuse, the husband can be forced to do so. The exception regarding no prohibition against divorce is that a husband can't divorce his wife due to illness or inability to have children.

Why are southerners against LGBT rights?

Southerners are against LGBT because it goes against their collective values

Is it against Christian values to use touch for health?


What religion goes against Catholic values?

Satanism is probably the only religion which directly goes against Catholic (and indeed any Christian) values. All others either share the same values or similar.

How to know if a divorce is filed against you?

You have to be served with divorce papers. Unless you are in hiding, you should be visited by a server if a divorce is in the works. Or, yu could just ask your spouse if he is filing?

Which churches are against divorce?

The Catholic Church, following Our Blessed Lord, has always refused to accept divorce for any valid marriage.

What are the types of values?

There are Personal values (Those things you think are important), Societal values (those things everyone in general agree are important) and Biblical or religious values (those values that have an ultimate foundation in the Bible or in a particular religious system of beliefs). One that's constantly referred to nowadays is Family values. There are also Work, Education, and Advancement values, which tend to get lumped in between personal values and societal values..

If you have filed for a divorce in California waiting for court to finalize divorce can you register with the California court to marry someone else?

You cannot get married until your divorce is final. Polygamy is against the law.

Can a US citizen file a divorce against her filipina wife?

Yes, a United States citizen can divorce their Filipino spouse. Contact a lawyer to obtain information on how to go about applying for your divorce.

Can a man stop his divorce because of religion?

A:If a man's own religious beliefs are against divorce, he can choose not to be the one to seek a divorce. But in all Western jurisdictions that allow legal divorce, if his wife seeks a divorce the law will take its course in spite of his religion.

Why is divorce banned in the Philippines?

Christianity is the largest religion in the philippines, being that the Christian religion is strongly against divorce, that is one of the main reasons.