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8 over 10 is more than 4 over 12

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Q: Is eight over ten less than four over twelve?
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Is four over eight less than two over four?

no it is equal

What are two equivalent fractions for four over six?

two over three and eight over twelve

What are some equivalent fractions for 1 over 4?

one over four >>>= two over eight , three over twelve and so on ........... :)

Which fraction is bigger five over twelve or three over eight?

five over twelve is bigger than three over eight

What is eight and 7 over twelve minus two and eleven over twelve?


What is 7 over eight as a decimal?


What is eight over twelve as a percent?


Is the sum of nine over twelve and one over six greater or less than one?

The sum of nine or twelve and one over six is 11 over twelve, which is LESS THAN one.

How do you turn 12 over 4 into a whole number?

Twelve over four is the same thing as twelve divided by four. This equals 3.

Which fraction is bigger fiver over twelve or two over four?

5/12 is less than a half, 2/4 is a half and is therefore the bigger.

What is eight over twelve in simplest form?

one third

What is eleven over twelve take away one sixth?

nine over twelve or three over four if wanted simplified