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Q: What is eight and 7 over twelve minus two and eleven over twelve?
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What is the difference of eleven over twelve minus two over three?


What is negative four over seven minus negative eleven over eight?

-4/7 − -11/8 = 45/56

What is a one half minus one over six minus two over eleven?


What is five over twelve plus eleven over twelve?

1 and 4/12 or 1 and 1/3

What is eleven over twelve take away one sixth?

nine over twelve or three over four if wanted simplified

Which fraction is bigger five over twelve or three over eight?

five over twelve is bigger than three over eight

What is 11 over 15 minus 10 over 15?

Eleven fifteenths minus ten fifteenths is equal to one fifteenth.

What is fourteen over fifteen minus four over twelve?


What is the improper fraction of one and eleven over twelve?

It is 23/12.

What is eleven over twelve as a decimal?

11/12 = 0.9166... recurring.

What does 5 over 6 minus 2 over 8 equal?

seven over twelve

What is the algebraic formula for half of the difference of a number and eleven?

x minus eleven over 2 (x - 11)/2

What is 5 over 9 minus one fourth?

The answer is eleven thirty-sixths.

What is twelve t minus eighteen over six?

2t - 3

What is 6 over 7 times 2 and a half?

2 and eleven out of twelve.

What is 16 over 22 in simplest form?

eight over eleven

What is 1 minus 3 over eight?

1 minus 3 over eight =1 * 3/8 minutes= 3/8 minutes

What is eight over twelve as a percent?


What is 7 over eight as a decimal?


What is seven over eight minus five over eight?

2/8 or 1/4

What is two over eight minus five over eight in simplest form?


What is one sixth plus three fourths?

11/12 eleven over twelve

If you are eleven and weigh eight stone are you overweight?

you are over weight

What is one minus twenty-five over twenty-eight?

1 minus 25/28 is 3/28

What is eight over nine minus one over three?

5 over 9.