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Is every rectangle a square using counterexample?

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Every square is a rectangle, but not every rectangle is a square.

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Q: Is every rectangle a square using counterexample?
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Is a rectangle that is not a square called a rhombus?

YesUsing the mathematical definitions, a rectangle can sometimes be a rhombus if it is a square. A square is both a rectangle and a rhombus.However, in everyday parlance, some people may consider that a square is not a rectangle or a rhombus.

Rectangle is 9ft by 12ft square is 2ft by 2ft. How do you find the area of the square inside the rectangle?

by using your brain

Is a square a rectangle prove your answer briefly?

A rectangle is a shape which has all inner angles equal to 90 degrees. A square is A RECTANGLE that has all sides of the same size. Therefore, using informatical slang, SQUARE INHERITS RECTANGLE.

What is the largest rectangle you can have using 47916 square feet?

The answer depends on what your criterion for deciding what is "largest". Any rectangle will have an area of 47916 square feet. Its perimeter can be infinitely large.

How do you turn a square into a rectangle only using scissors?

Cut off part of it

Can the perimeter of a rectangle can be found using the formula P 4s.?

Not really. All 4 sides of a rectangle are not the same (unless it is a square)

How do you find an area of a shape rectangle square and a circle in C program?

By using that one thing.

What is the biggest rectangle you can make using 50meters?

In terms of area a square of side 12.5 mtrs.

How can draw a square using the rectangle tool?

Hold the SHIFT key down when inserting the shape.

Would A rectangle is 7 cm wide and 10cm long.find the lenght of a diaonal of the rectangle?

Using Pythagoras the length of the diagonal in the rectangle is the square root of 149 or just over 12 cm

Can you form a rectangle using any number of small squares?

N0- you can't use one square.

What all can a person calculate by using a square footage calculator?

One thing that can be calculated using a Square Footage Calculator is the Length and Width of a Rectangle, Circle, Square or Triangle. This comes in handy for calculating room sizes.

The base of a rectangle is 4 more than the height the area of the rectangle is 15 square inches what are the dimensions of the rectangle?

4,3Improved Answer:-The dimensions work out as: 2.358898944 and 6.358898944 inches using the quadratic equation formula

Can a counterexample prove that the angles of a triangle need not add up to 180 degrees?

Yes - if such a counterexample can be found. However, using only the Euclidean axioms and logical arguments, it can be proven that the angles of a triangle in a Euclidean plane must add to 180 degrees. Consequently, a counterexample within this geometry cannot exist.

If using exactly two triangles what shape will that make?

The two triangles would make either a square or a rectangle.

What are the dimensions of the smallest square that you can make using 15 inch by 27 inch rectangle tiles?

405 inches

What is the area of a rectangle?

The area of a rectangle is found by using the formula A=LxW (Area equals length times width)The area of a rectangle is calculated by multiplying the length by the width - the result is square measure. A rectangle 6 inches by 8 inches would be 48 square inches in area. (6x8=48)ExampleA=LxWA=4x5A=20

What is the diagonal of a rectangle that is 20 feet on one side and 35 feet on the other?

Using Pythagoras; theorem the diagonal of the rectangle is 5 times square root of 65 or about 40 feet

What is a sentence using the word rectangle?

A rectangle is a geometric shape.Most houses are in the shape of a rectangle.

Can you use the formula for the perimeter of a rectangle to find the perimeter of any squere?

Yes. But using P=4s is easier with a square.

How do you find the length of a given side if you have lengths of other sides of a rectangle?

By using the fact that opposite sides of a rectangle have the same length.By using the fact that opposite sides of a rectangle have the same length.By using the fact that opposite sides of a rectangle have the same length.By using the fact that opposite sides of a rectangle have the same length.

The area of a rectangle is 56 square inches The width of the rectangle is 7 in What is the length?

Area = LxW Using the figures you have 56 = L x 7 L = 56/7 L = 8

How can you make a rectangle?

You can make a rectangle by using two squares

What is the diagonal measurement of a square that is 16 feet x 24 feet?

There is no such square with the given dimensions but if you mean the diagonal of a rectangle then by using Pythagoras' theorem it works out as 8 times the square root of 13

How do you use the golden rectangle in everyday life?

If you use A4 paper (rather than letter size) you are using it. every day.