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Q: Is fifteen pennies fifteen cents?
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What are the different ways to make fifteen cents?

Fifteen pennies, ten pennies and a nickel, five pennies and two nickels, five pennies and a dime, three nickels, one nickels and a dime

What two coins make fifteen cents without using a nickel?

1 dime and 5 pennies

What is 20 cents in pennies?

20 cents is twenty pennies.

What is the ratio of fifteen pennies to ten nickels?

15 pennies = 15 cents 10 nickels = 10*5 cents = 50 cents The ratio is thus 15:50, or in lowest terms 3:10. Expressed as a fraction, that's 3/10; as a percent it's 30%.

How many pennies are in 50 cent?

Pennies and cents are the same, so 50 cents = 50 pennies

How do you make cents without pennies?

Live in the Eurozone, for example. They have cents but do not have pennies.

What is 25 cents in pennies?

25 pennies

77000 pennies equals how many dollars and cents?

100 pennies = one dollar 77000 pennies = $770 and no cents

What are the change combinations to make twenty cents?

Twenty pennies Fifteen pennies, one nickel Ten pennies, two nickels Ten pennies, one dime Four nickles Three nickels, five pennies Two nickles, one dime Two dimes One dime, one nickel, five pennies

How many combinations of coins can make 31 cents?

13 combinationsOne Quarter.Twenty Five Pennies.Five Nickels.One Dime, three Nickels.One Nickel, two Dimes.One Nickel, twenty Pennies.One Dime, fifteen Pennies.Two Nickels, fifteen Pennies.Two Dimes, five Pennies.One Dime, two Nickels, five Pennies.Four Nickels, five Pennies.One Nickel, one Dime, ten Pennies.Three Nickels, ten pennies

What does 10 pennies equal in a dollar?

10 cents (or pennies) is 10% of a dollar which is 100 cents.

What are 2 pennies?

2 pennies = 2 cents or in other words 2 pennies!!!!

How does 3 pennies and 1 dime equal 14 cents?

It does not. It equals only 13 cents. 1 dime = 10 cents or pennies so total 13 cents.

How many pennies in .40 cents?

Forty percent of one penny (.40 cents) is not spendable; $0.40 is forty cents, or forty pennies.

How can you divide fifteen pennies into 4 bags?

3 bags will get 4 pennies and 1 bag will get 3 pennies.

How much cents are in 1000 dollars?

100,000 cents or pennies

How many pennies is in a roll of pennies?

50 pennies because it says on the roll 50 cents

How many pennies make 5 nickels?

25 pennies. Or 25 cents.

How much is nine dimes in pennies?

90 cents. or 90 pennies

How much is 3 dimes and 4 nickels and 3 pennies worth in cents?

53 pennies

How much does 100000 pennies equal?

If you mean pennies as cents, then it is $1000.00 or £1000.00 if you mean pennies from pounds.

A nickel is equal to how many cents?

5 cents (or 5 pennies)

How much cents is 2 dimes and 36 pennies?

56 cents

How much does a 1943 silver penny worth?

In the early 1940s, the United States mint produced silver pennies because copper was needed for the war effort. These pennies are actually steel coated with zinc. They are worth about fifteen cents if they have been in circulation.

How many pennies with a dollar?

Simple answer...100 Pennies (cents) = 1 Dollar.