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1 yard = 3 feet, so 2 yards = 6 feet. 5 feet is less than 2 yards.

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Q: Is five feet greater less than or equal to two yards?
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15 feet equal how many yards?

Five yards.

How many feet are there in five yards?

A yard is equal to three feet. Therefore, five yards is equal to fifteen feet.There are three feet per yard; therefore, 5 yards = 5 X 3 = 15 feet.

What does 4.6 meters equal?

About 15 feet or five yards.

How many feet are there in five yards and two feet?

One yard is equal to 3 feet. Therefore, 5 yards 2 feet is equal to (5 x 3) + 2 = 17 feet.

How many cubic feet are in twenty five cubic yards?

25 cubic yards is equal to 675 cubic feet.

How many yards are five feet?

1.66 yards = five feet.

How many yards does 16 ft equal?

There are three feet in one yard. Therefore, 16 feet is equal to 16 / 3 = 5.3 recurring (or five and one third) yards.

What is five and two thirds yards equal to in feet?

17 feet seems about right.

What does 5 yards equal to?

Five yards equals 15 feet, or roughly four and a half meters. It is also 180 inches.

How long is 5 yards in feet?

Five yards is 15 feet.

Sixteen feet equals how many yard?

There are three feet in one yard. Therefore, 16 feet is equal to 16 / 3 = 5.3 recurring yards (that is, 5.33333...), or five and one third yards.

What is 15 feet converted into yards?

15 feet converts to five yards.

How many yards and feet are in 16 feet?

Five yards and one foot.

How many feet in five yard?

There are 15 feet are in five yards.

What is greater 5 miles or 8000 yards?

Five miles is greater because 8,000 yards is 4.55 miles.

5 yards is how many feet?

There are three feet in a yard, so five yards are 15 feet.

How long is five and a half yards?

Five and a half yards is equal to one Rod.

How much is Five yards in feet feet?

15 feet.

How many feet in five yards?

15 feet

How many feet are in five yards?

15 feet.

What is eight yards plus five feet plus nine inches equal?

29 ft. and 9 in. or 348 in.

What is 5 yards?

Five yards is roughly 15 feet. Quite a few objects are at least five yards long.

How many feet are in 5 yards?

There are 15 feet in five yards. One yard is 3 feet, therefore 5 yards times 3 feet equals 15 feet.

Which is larger sixteen feet or five yards?

16 feet is larger because 5 yards equals 15 feet

Forty five feet make's how many yards.?

15 yards.