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No. 5 and 7 are both prime numbers.

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Q: Is five or seven a composite number?
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Which of these numbers is a composite number three five seven or nine?


Is forty five a composite number?

Forty-five is a composite number because it is not prime. Any number that is not prime is a composite number...Examples:4451002002256,0001,000,000

Is the number fifty seven a prime or composite number?


Is 345 a prime number or a composite number?

Composite because since the last digit is a five, it can be divided by five.

Is five a prime or composite?

prime number

Is twenty five a composite number?


Is the number 675 prime or composite?

it is composite because it ends with five which automatically tells you its composite

Is fifty-seven a prime number?

No, it is composite.

Is 1025 composite?

Yes, all whole numbers ending in five (except the number five itself) are composite.

Is five a composite or prime number?

5 is prime.

Is five a composite number or a prime?

It is a prime.

Is the number five composite or prime?

It is a prime.

Is five a prime number or composite?

5 is prime.

Is five a composite number?

No, five is a prime number because there are only two whole numbers that when multiplied, equals five. (Those numbers are five and one.) In order for a number to be composite, it has to have factors other than itself and one.

Is the number 75 a prime or composite?

75 is composite. (all whole numbers ending in five or zero are composite)

Is forty-seven a composite number?

No, it's prime.

Is number sixty seven a prime or composite?


Is the number 25 prime composite or nether?

25 is composite. All whole numbers ending in five (except the number 5 itself) are composite.

Is 65 a prime or composite number?

compositeSixty-five is a composite number because it is divisible by five. If a number can be divide by another one, then that number is composite. Numbers like 3, 5, 7, and 11 are all prime numbers because they cannot be divided by any other number.65 is composite, as is any number of 2 or more digits ending in 5.

Is 155 prime composite or neither?

155 five is composite. It is composite because it has 5 as a factor. The only number that can be neither prime nor composite is 1.

Do you say seven and five are twelve or seven and five is twelve?

Seven and five is twelve. If you say, 'seven and five are twelve', you are actually saying that the number 7 is 12, and the number 5 is 12, which is impossible.

Is seventy five a prime or composite number?

its a composite number because 75 can be 5 x 15 = 75 so on and so forth

What number between 51 and 59 does exactly have 5 factors and is composite?

Any number with five factors is composite. There isn't one in that range.

If a composite number has the first five prime numbers as factor?

Then it is 2310.

Is 1085 a composite?

Yes. All whole numbers ending in five (except the number 5 itself) are composite.