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Forty-five is a composite number because it is not prime. Any number that is not prime is a composite number...


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Q: Is forty five a composite number?
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Is forty nine a composite number?

Forty nine is composite.

Is forty one a prime or composite number?


Is forty one a composite number?

No. 41 is a prime number

How do you write forty five thousand forty five in number?


Is forty-seven a composite number?

No, it's prime.

What is the number that comes after 541?

The number that comes after five hundred and forty-one is five hundred and forty-two. It is simple mathematics. Five hundred and forty-one plus one equals five hundred and forty-two.

Is 345 a prime number or a composite number?

Composite because since the last digit is a five, it can be divided by five.

What number is in the five and nine times table?


What number is forty five more than the difference of eighty five and forty?


Is Forty-two is a prime or composite number?

All even numbers greater than two are composite.

How many composite numbers are greater than forty but less than fifty?


What is the difference between forty-five and forty-five?

The number 45 in English is spelled forty-five. It is never spelled fourty-five.

How do you say forty five in spanish?

The number "forty five" translates to cuarenticinco in Spanish.

What is the decimal number for forty five over fifty eight?

The decimal number for forty five over fifty eight (45/58) is: 0.775862

Is five a composite number?

No, five is a prime number because there are only two whole numbers that when multiplied, equals five. (Those numbers are five and one.) In order for a number to be composite, it has to have factors other than itself and one.

Which is correct forty-five or forty-five?


Is the number five bigger than the number forty two?


Is forty-two a prime or composite number?

It is not a prime number. It has factors of 2, 3, 6, and 7.

Is five a prime or composite?

prime number

Is twenty five a composite number?


45 what number?

45 = forty-five

How do you write the number 5041 in words?

five thousand and forty one

Is the number 25 prime composite or nether?

25 is composite. All whole numbers ending in five (except the number 5 itself) are composite.

How do you write this number 5044.48?

Five thousand, forty-four and forty-eight hundredths.

Is 65 a prime or composite number?

compositeSixty-five is a composite number because it is divisible by five. If a number can be divide by another one, then that number is composite. Numbers like 3, 5, 7, and 11 are all prime numbers because they cannot be divided by any other number.65 is composite, as is any number of 2 or more digits ending in 5.

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