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Q: Is five sixth bigger than 0.875?
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Is nEGATIVE one sixth bigger than or smaller than negative five sixth?


Is four sixths bigger than five sixths?

It isn't bigger. It is smaller by one sixth.

Is five sixth greater than one fourth?

Is five sixth greater Than one forth

Is five sixth bigger or smaller than four fifth?

5/6 is bigger than 4/5. 5/6= 25/30 and 4/5= 24/30

Is five sixth bigger than six fifths?

No, 5/6 is smaller than 6/5. The first is less than one, the second is larger than one.

Which one is greater one sixth or five sixth?

Five of anything is generally greater than one of them.

Is one sixth greater than or less than five sixth?

One of anything is less than five of the same thing.

Is one sixth bigger than one fourth?


Is three sixth bigger than two fifth?


Is five sixth greater than one sixth?

ouo yes. If you have 5 of something and 1 of something the bigger number is 5 of something. It is also closer to a whole than 1/6 is. --- yes the 5/6 is bigger because it is closer to being a whole then 1/6 is .

How many times is twenty bigger than five?

Twenty is 4 times bigger than five.

Is two fives bigger than five sixths?

No, five sixths is bigger than two fifths.

Is one-third bigger than five-sevens?

No, five sevens is bigger than one third.

What fraction is bigger five eights or five ninths?

Five eights is 40 which is much bigger than five ninths, which is less than 1.

Is one eighth greater than five sixth?

no this is not

Is five pounds bigger than five kiolgrams?


Why is 0.7 bigger than 0.5?

0.7 is bigger because the seven is bigger than the five

Is 2 twelfth bigger than one sixth?

no theyre equal :)

What is bigger than 1 sixth but smaller than 2 thirds?


Is one fourth bigger than one sixth?


Is five sixths greater than two thirds?

no but two thirds is more than five sixth

What is bigger five sevenths or five eigths?

5/7 is bigger than 5/8

What number is bigger than 5 and two thirds but smaller than 6?

5 and five sixth is bigger than 5 and tow thirds but smaller than 6

Is five eights greater than sixth sevenths?


Is five sixth greater than one half?