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no, forty thousand meters = forty kilometers, so four hundred kilometers is bigger. =]

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Q: Is forty thousand meters bigger than four hundred kilometers?
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What is a hundred thousand meters called?

100 kilometers

11.45 kilometers is what in meters?

11.45 kilometers is eleven thousand four hundred fifty meters One kilometer is a thousand meters one meter is a thousand millimeters or a hundred centimeters one centimeter is one hundred millimeters Kilo by the way means one thousand

What are the standard unit of measurements?

centimeters, then meters (one hundred centimeters), then kilometers (one thousand meters, or one hundred thousand centimeters)

How many kilometers are eight thousand five hundred meters?

To convert from meters to kilometers, just divide by 1000.

Five thousand and one hundred in meters is what in kilometer?

5,100 meters = 5.1 kilometers

How many kilometers are in 2500 meters?

2500 m = 2.5 km Two and a half kilometers. Kilo means thousand two thousand five hundred meters is two and a half thousand meters or two and a half kilometers

Convert 3.4 kilometers to meters?

3,400 (three thousand four hundred metres)

How far is ten thousand meters?

It is three hundred and two feet, and in kilometers about 10.

What is longer kilometers or meters?

1000m=1km So a kilometer is a thousand times bigger

Is ten thousand meters bigger than 100 kilometers?

they are completely different where did you come from

Is kilometers bigger or meters?

Kilometers are 1000 times bigger than meters

How many meters are in 381 kilometer?

1 kilometer = 1 thousand meters 2 kilometers = 2 thousand meters . 17 kilometers = 17 thousand meters . 381 kilometers = 381 thousand meters (That's 381,000 .)

2500 m equals how many km?

2500 m = 2.5 km Two and a half kilometers. Kilo means thousand two thousand five hundred meters is two and a half thousand meters or two and a half kilometers

What is bigger meters or kilometers?

Kilometers are bigger. 1 kilometer = 1000 meters

How do you convert 127km to meters?

It basically already is. One km means One Thousand Meters, so 127 kilometers means 127 thousand meters, which could be written either as 127,000m or One hundred twenty thousand meters.

Are meters or kilometers bigger?


What measurement is bigger meters kilometers?

kilometers are greater

Which is bigger kilometers millimeters or meters?


What is bigger 2 kilometers or 200 meters?

2 kilometers equals 2,000 meters which makes it bigger than 200 meters

Is 15 kilometers bigger than 1500 meters?

15 kilometers is bigger than 1,500 meters 15 kilometers = 15,000 meters

How many Meters is one hundred Kilometers?

100 kilometers = 100000 meters

Convert 5000 m to km?

To get meters to kilometers, you divide by a thousand. Likeweise, multiply kilometers by a thousand to get meters. 5,000/1,000 = 5 kilometers

Are kilometers smaller than meters?

No the kilometers are bigger than meters. There are 1000 meters in a kilometer.

Which is bigger centimeters millimeters kilometers or meters?


Whats is bigger meters or kilometers?

Kilometres are bigger.