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Q: Is four tenths the same as forty hundredths?
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Related questions

Is .04 the same as 4 tenths?

No .04 is not the same as 4 tenths. 0.04 is four HUNDREDTHS. 0.4 would be four TENTHS.

What answer means the same as 12.49 is it twelve and forty nine tenths?

not quite-- it is twelve and forty-nine hundredths. A freaky way would be twelve and four point nine tenths.

How many tenths are the same as sixty hundredths?

Six tenths is the same as 60 hundredths.

What is six tenths as hundredths?

six tenths is the same as sixty hundredths.

What fraction decimal is the same as three tenths and four hundredths?

0.34 or 304/1000

How do you write sixty hundredths as a decimal?

0.60 - Sixty hundredths, which is the same as six tenths.

Which is greater 0.1 or 0.04?

0.1 0.1 is one tenth which is the same as 10 hundredths, whereas 0.04 has no tenths and 4 hundredths; 10 hundredths is greater than 4 hundredths.

Which is heavier 0.81 or eight tenths of a pound?

As eight tenths can be written as 0.80 it is smaller than 0.81. Eight tenths (0.80) is the same as 80 hundredths while 0.81 is the same as 81 hundredths.

Is 1.09 the same as 1.9?

1.09 is actually bigger because it is 1 and 9 hundredths but 1.9 is only i 9 tenths... and hundredths are bigger than tenths

Which is greater 4 tenths and two hundredths or two tenths and four hundredths?

.42 is greater than .24 How did you get the answer? 4 tenths means it is .4 2 hundredths means .02 So you add the two together and you get .42 If you do the same to the other you will get .24 which is a smaller number.

Is four hundredths the same as four thousandths?

no, four hundredths is bigger

Why is 4 tenths and 2 hundredths greater than 2 tenths and 4 hundredths?

Because a tenth is 0.1And a hundredth is 0.001Therefore, 4 tenths and two hundredths would be 0.42, whereas two tenths and four hundredths would be 0.24.Because 4/10ths and 2/100ths can also be combined and written as 42/100ths. If you do the same with 2/10ths and 4/100ths you get 24/100ths, which is obviously less than 42/100ths.

Is 1 and 13 hundredths the same as 1 and 30 tenths?

No, it is not.

How do you write twenty three and forty thousandths?

Twenty-three and forty-thousandths can be written as a decimal fraction as 23.04. Forty thousandths is the same fraction as four hundredths, and thus, as a vulgar fraction, the number can be written as 23 4/100.

How many tenths are in two fifths?

There are four tenths in two fifths. Each fifth is the same as two tenths, so two fifths is four tenths.

What is the same as two tenths?

four tenths

Is 6 parts of a tenths model the same as 6 squares of a hundredths model?


Is five tenths the same as fifty hundredths?

Yes, both are 1/2.

Is 0.4 the same as 40 hundredths?

yes 0.4 = 4 tenths = 40 hundredths = 400 thousandths and so on ...

What is The tens digit is twice the units digits the units digit is the same as the tenths digit the hundredths digit is half the tenths digit?

42.21 or 84.42

If The tens digit is twice the units digits and the units digit is the same as the tenths digit the hundredths digit is half the tenths digit?

84.42 or 42.21

Is 1 and 6 tenths the same as 1 and 60 hundredths?

Yes because 1.6 = 1.60

How many hundredths are there in 2 tenths?

Twenty because 2/10 is the same as 20/100

How is 30 hundredths the same as 3 tenths?

Because 30/100 is equivalent to 3/10 in its simplest form

Why is 25.9 greater than 25.72?

25.9 is the same thing as 25.90.So 25.9 is the same as 25 90/100 (25 & 90 hundredths).90 hundredths are greater than 72 hundredths (in 25.72) and so it is a greater amount.0.9 means 9 tenths (90 hundredths) & 0.72 means 7.2 tenths (72 hundredths).