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Conventionally, yes.

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Q: Is height up and down and width from side to side?
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What way is height and width?

height is up & down, width is side to side

What is volume cube?

Length x Width x Height. Up and down and side to side.

What way is length and width?

length is up and down width is side to side

Does length go side to side or up and down?

Side to side, lengthways. Up and down is the height.

How do you find the width of a rectangular box when length volume and height is given?

You have to know that [ Volume = (length) x (width) x (height) ]. Then, you can divide each side of that equation by (length x height), and you wind up with Width = Volume/(length x height)

Why does base height length and width have different names when they are the same things?

They represent different dimensions. Typically, height is up and down, width is side to side, and length is depth. Base is normally either for a 2 dimensional figure or the area of the bottom of a 3 dimensional one. But in many formulas, they are interchangeable.

Is length up and down?

Not technically. Length is a "side to side" measurement in one direction, while "width" is the other.For a two-dimensional object, length can be top-to-bottom while width is left to right.For a measurement such as a computer display, length may be the width (the longest dimension), while width is a measurement of depth front-to-back.The measurement of "up and down" (vertical) is called height (how tall a three-dimensional object is).

What is standard interior wall width and height?

The height of and interior wall (the ceiling) is 8ft. The width is up to you. There is no standard...

Is the width up or down?

Width is up and down. Length is left to right.

Does width go up or down?


What comes first when computing cubic meters Width x length x height?

It makes absolutly no difference, you will still come up with the same amount. Generally I would do width x length and then the height. That way when you write it down the larger number is on top.

How big is Notre Dame?

Height under the vault: 33 metres * Height under the roof: 43 metres * Height of the side aisles: 10 metres * Height of the towers: 69 metres * Steps up to the towers: 380 * Height of the spire: 96 metres * Height of the nave: 60 metres * Length of the transept: 14 metres * Length of the choir: 36 metres * Total length: 128 metres * Length of West façade: 43 metres * Width of the nave: 12 metres * Width of the choir: 12 metres * Total width: 40 metres * Width of the transept: 48 metres * Width of the side aisles: 12 metres * Width of West façade: 40 metres * Surface area 4,800 m² * Diameter of the north and south rose windows 13.10 metres * Diameter of the west rose window 9.70 metres