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Neither. If it was odd, you could simply add 1 to make it even, and this even number would be infinity as well; then you can do the same to make it odd again.

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Q: Is infinity even or odd
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Is infinity an even number?

Infinity is not a number in the ordinary sense of the word. It is neither odd nor even. Here is an interesting paradox about the parity of infinity: If you multiply all integers together you get infinity. So 2 is a factor of infinity and so infinity must be even. But then one more than this number is also infinity and this new infinity must, therefore, be odd!

Is infinitty an odd number?

Infinity is not an ordinary number and so it is neither odd nor even.

Is 0 odd or even?

The number 0 is proven to be even because the number 1 is odd and 2 is even and 3 is odd and this pattern continues to infinity. So 0 is even.

How many shapes have even sides?

An infinite number. A shape can have an infinite number of sides - half of these numbers will be even and half odd. Half of infinity is still infinity.

What is odd integers?

Odd integers are whole numbers that are not evenly divisible by 2. If you count, starting at 1, you will have alternating odd and even numbers. 1 is odd, 2 is even, 3 is odd, 4 is even, 5 is odd, 6 is even, 7 is odd, and so forth to infinity. Negative numbers have the same property (minus one is also odd, etc.) and zero is also an even number.

If you add 3 to an even number the sum would be odd or even?

Odd. Even + Even = Even Odd + Odd = Even Odd + Even = Even + Odd = Odd

Are there more even numbers or whole numbers?

Yes and no. That is the correct answer because dealing with infinity sometimes is nonsense. For every even number there are two whole numbers (an even and an odd). But if we count on - to infinity - we have ∞ (infinity) even numbers. That means we have 2 * ∞ whole numbers. But 2 * ∞ = ∞ (because we are dealing with infinity) So, there are as many whole numbers as even numbers, eventhough there are twice as many.

What even number is in the middle of infinity and why?

There is no "half way" to infinity. Since the term "Infinity" means boundless or no end, there is no such term as half of infinity, or the middle of infinity.

Does multiplying an odd number by an even number give an even answer?

odd * odd = odd answer even * even = even answer odd * even = even answer

Is even times even odd?

even times even = even odd times even = even odd times odd = odd

When you add to even numbers is the answer always even?

Yes. Even + Even = Even, Odd + Odd = Even and Even + Odd or Odd + Even = Odd

List all the odd composite numbers?

there are infinity odd composite numbers

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