Is inter better than Chelsea

Updated: 9/19/2023
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Of course inter is better!!

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Q: Is inter better than Chelsea
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Is Chelsea better than aresnal?

Chelsea is better than aresnal

Who is better manu or Chelsea?

Chelsea are Better than Manu By Far!

Can Chelsea with all the problems that its having now beat inter at the bridge?

Inter Milan have already beaten Chelsea this year.

Which inter Milan player was on loan at Chelsea?

The Inter Milan player who was on loan with Chelsea, was the Argentinean striker Hernon Crespo.

What was the score of Chelsea inter millan?

Inter Milan beat Chelsea by 1-0 in the second leg of the champion league.

Is Manchester United better than Chelsea?

Manchester United is a better than Chelsea F.C. as Manchester United are ranked 3rd in Europe and Chelsea F.C. are 7th.

Is Inter Milan better than Manchester United FC?

At the moment, Manchester United are better than Inter Milan, :) (2012)

Why is Barcelona not better than Chelsea?

Barcelona are better but Cech and the Chelsea deffence make the big diffrence.

Which is better Chelsea or Liverpool in playing?

of course Chelsea Liverpool are crap their even worser than every team Chelsea is better Way!

When do Chelsea play inter in the champions league?

Because Chelsea were grouped with InterMilan by u.E.F.A.

Is Chelsea better than arsenal?


Is Barcelona better than inter-milan?

never in the history of football.because inter has won more titles than barcelona