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Q: Is it bad to have intensive mathematics in 9th grade?
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Is it bad to be in algeba 1A in 8th grade?

No..thats good. When you start 9th grade, you will be in Geometry.

If I got kinda bad grades in 9th grade D average in history everything else is C and up and 10th D average in math everything is high C's and A's does that ruin my chances of a four year?

If you secured bad grades in your 9th grade, your chances of the fourth year are prettily hurt.

What grade is Algebra 1P?

Algebra 1P is a 8th grade math class. Most people keep saying that Algebra 1P is for 9th grade but it isn't in 9th grade it is in 8th grade! I'm in a honor math class, I took Algebra 1P in 7th grade and other student that in regular math class was take it in 8th grade. Only whose who very bad at math have to retake Pre-Algebra in 8th grade or they did Algebra 1P bad in 8th grade and have to retake it in 9th grade. The Regular Schedule Math Class: 7th grade- Pre-Algebra 8th grade- Algebra 1P (Algebra 1A, it is the same but different name) 9th grade- Geometry 10th grade- Algebra 2P 11th grade- Trig. 12th grade- Pre-Calculus The Honor Class Schedule: 7th grade- Algebra 1P 8th grade- Geometry 9th grade- Algebra 2P or Trig. 10th grade- Trig. or Pre-Calculus 11th grade- Pre-Calculus or Calculus 12th grade- Calculus or done!!!

You got bad grades in 9th grade if you do good your sophomore junior and senior year could you make it into an ivy league college?


Is it bad if your in 9th grade and never had a boyfriend?

no it is not bad. You are just not ready to have a boyfriend right now anyways,just focus on your studies and one day you will meet your perfect match

Is it bad to be good at mathematics specifically speaking?

It is not bad to be good at mathematics. It is specifically good.

Do you still have a chance of getting into a good college if you did average in 9th grade really well in 10th grade did bad in science and math 1st semester of 11th grade with an SAT score of 1720?

It depends upon your definition of a "good" college. You could probably get into any state university you wanted to go to.

Do Georgia state university look at ninth through 12th grade GPA or ninth to 11th grade GPA?

The grades that they look at are 9th to 11th grade. If you think that you did bad your freshman year but got better your sophomore and junior year and your a senior, you have a way better chance at getting into the college that you always perfered.

How do you say a bad grade in Spanish?

"A bad grade" is "Una nota mala".

How does intensive farming damages the soil?

it makes it smell bad.

Is the letter grade f a bad grade?

Yes, it's a bad grade. It is the worst grade you can get... I think. Do you have one? If you do, I'm pretty sure you can get your grade to go back up again!

3 contributions to mathematics from Albert Einstein?

To bad those are all contributions to physics, not mathematics.

Is grade A- a bad brain grade result?


What to do if you get a bad grade?

If you get a bad grade, you start to think that you are not that smart. It's OK to feel disappointed in your self sometimes. When you get a bad grade, it just shows you that you need to work harder in that subject.

What does an o mean on report card?

i think fail

Why is it that a C is a bad grade?

A c is a bad grade because your not meeting the standards your teacher wants

Is it possible to be good at mathematics but bad at humanities classes?


Is it most likely for a 7th grader doing 9th grade math able to succeed in life?

if you're able to do it confidently then yes You can do or be anything you want to be, you just have to want it bad enough!

Is A- a good grade or a bad grade?

A good grade, because a 'C' is average. :)

Does bad grades says bad IQ?

no, if you get a bad grade at least once a week (besides Midterms and Finals) then yes you have a bad IQ. A bad grade in my eyes is a C or lower.

You got a 1630 on your SAT and you are in seventh grade good or bad?

Good or bad... Good or bad... Try AMAZING!; and in 7th grade! You're on your way! Why did you take your SAT if your in 7th grade?????????????

How come there is no e as a letter grade?

Because "e" could be confused with "excellent". This would be bad, since "e" would be a bad grade, not a good grade.

Is the grade 70 percent a good grade?

50% is not a good grade but not a bad grade either it's just barely passing a 70 is a pass But if you're used to getting over 90%, then 70% will seem like a bad grade.

Is a C a bad grade or a good grade?

It is a " i need to get to work before i fail" grade.

Can anyone do mbbs if they are bad at mathematics?

yea ! of-course they can do