Is it boxes or boxe's

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When making a plural from a word that ends in "x", you will always add an "-es".

Example sentences:

Singular: She held the box in her hand.

Plural: She held the boxes in her hands.

Singular: The box was full of trash.

Plural: The boxes were full of trash.

Singular: She put the box into the trash bin.

Plural: She put the boxes into the trash bin.

The apostrophe s ('s) is only used for possessives, meaning the box "owns" the next word or the box is related somehow to the next word in the sentence.

Example sentences:

The box's flaps tore so they wouldn't close.

The box's contents were X-rayed for explosives.

The box's label showed my name and address.

Don't confuse apostrophe s with a plural. You can have a single apostrohe ( ' ) on a plural to indicate "plural plus possessive".

Example sentences:

The axes' handles were solid wood. (note the -es indicates plural, and one apostrophe is added to show possessive: axes' (related to/owns their) handles.

The boxes' sides were crushed. (multiple boxes=plural, so "-es is added after the x, but the sides are 'owned by' all the boxes so add an apostrophe).

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Q: Is it boxes or boxe's
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