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neither is correct, because eight and five equals thirteen!

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Q: Is it correct to say eight and five is fourteen or eight and five are fourteen?
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Is it correct to say Eight and five is fourteen or Eight and file are fourteen?

Seriously...? No, this is because 8+5=13.

How do you say 5938814 in word form?

5938814 in word form = five million, nine hundred and thirty eight thousand, eight hundred and fourteen.

Do you say Nine and five is thirteen or Nine and five are thirteen?

You say Nine and five are fourteen.

Do you say nine and five is thirteen or nine and five are thirteen in English?

nine and five are fourteen. math whiz

How do you say 541.014?

Five hundred forty-one and fourteen thousandths.

How do you say 5.815?

I would say: five, point, eight, one, five.

How do you say 1514500000?

In the US, it's "One billion, five hundred fourteen million, five hundred thousand"

Is it correct to say the price of the car is seven thousand and five hundred 7500?

Seven thousand five hundred is the correct way to say 7500.

How do you say 14562445 this amount in words?

Fourteen million, five hundred sixty-two thousand, four hundred forty-five.

How do you say 805000000?

eight hundred and five million 805,000,000

How do you say 0.14?

Zero point one four, Zero point fourteen, Zero decimal Fourteen, Zero decimal one four, and Fourteen hundredths would all be correct. (Im 97% sure)

How do you say 525.048?

Five hundred twenty-five and forty-eight thousandths.

How do you say twenty five to eight in french?

Twenty five to eight is 'huit heures moins vingt cinq' in French.

How do you say 1435177?

its fourteen lakha thirty five thousand one hundred and seventy seven only

How do you say the number 127856095414816811447648 in words?

Easy. It is written as: One hundred twenty-seven sextillion eight hundred fifty-six quintillion ninety-five quadrillion four hundred fourteen trillion eight hundred sixteen billion eight hundred eleven million four hundred forty-seven thousand six hundred forty-eight.

I am fourteen and doctors say i will be six feet tall but im five seven now and my dads five eight?

The doctors can only guess a height. They said when i was 13 i would grow to be 6'7 as my father is 6'6, im still the same height as i was when i was 14 which is 6'3 and i am 19 now.

How do you say 308745538?

In words, it would be... three hundred (and) eight million, seven hundred (and)forty-five thousand, five hundred (and) thirty eight.

How do you say this in words 14119577?

14,119,577 = fourteen million, one hundred nineteen thousand, five hundred seventy-seven.

How do you say five million three hundred two thousand fourteen in standard form?

The standard form is expressed as 5,302,014

How do you say 63382530014114700748351602688 in written form?

63,382,530,014,114,700,748,351,602,688 in word form is: Sixty-three octillion, three hundred eighty-two septillion, five hundred thirty sextillion, fourteen quintillion, one hundred fourteen quadrillion, seven hundred trillion, seven hundred forty-eight billion, three hundred fifty-one million, six hundred two thousand, six hundred eighty-eight.

How do you say eight fifty five in spanish?

nueve menos cinco

How do you say 5698?

Five thousand, six hundred ninety-eight.

How do you say the number 875000000?

Eight hundred seventy-five million.

How do you say 308745538 in words?

308,745,538 in words is: three hundred eight million, seven hundred forty-five thousand, five hundred thirty-eight.

How do you say 0014?

Agent- double-o fourteen Common- fourteen

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