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Seven thousand five hundred is the correct way to say 7500.

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Q: Is it correct to say the price of the car is seven thousand and five hundred 7500?
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Who is correct sentence One thousand seven hundred or seventeen hundred only?

Both are right.

How do you spell 413750 in English?

The correct spelling is "four hundred and thirteen thousand, seven hundred and fifty"

How do you write 700000 in words?

Seven-Hundred Thousand

How do you write one hundred and seven thousand?

707,001 is the number. Seven hundred seven thousand and one, or seven hundred seven thousand one. The question originally read: seven hundred and seven thousand and one; the 'ands' are really superfluous.

How to spell 20857 in words?

The correct way to write this is twenty thousand, eight hundred and fifty-seven.Some example sentences are:There were twenty thousand, eight hundred and fifty-sevenpeople in the stadium last night.Here is your delivery of twenty thousand, eight hundred and fifty-seven teabags.He thought the answer was twenty thousand, eight hundred and fifty-seven.

How do you write 6007200 in words form?

Six Million Seven Thousand Two Hundred or Six Million Seven Thousand and Two Hundred

What is seven hundred and thirty thousand four hundred in figures?

Seven hundred thirty thousand, four hundred is 730,400.

How do you spell one hundred forty one million seven hundred thirty thousand in words?

The correct spelling uses a hyphen, and commas which do not display in the question. 141,730,000 = One hundred forty-one million, seven hundred thirty thousand

How do you write the number 310763136 in word form?

Three hundred ten million seven hundred sixty-three thousand one hundred thirty-six.

How do you spell 37 100?

The correct spelling is "thirty seven thousand, one hundred".

Write one hundred thousand seven hundred forty nine?

one hundred thousand seven hundred forty nine

How do you write 750 thousand dollars?

$750,000.00 or Seven hundred and fifty thousand dollars

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