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That's impressive to hear about a child who can do that. You'd have to see if he knows what the numbers or letters look like when you print them. Put five items on a table and ask him to tell you how many. If he can count them without help, he would be extemely smart. Print a letter of the alphabet and ask him what it is. Kids can memorize stuff at a young age but they are just wordsunless he know what the words mean.

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Q: Is it genius to learn alphabet and count to 10 at age of 2?
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Where and at what age do people learn the most?

age 5

What are examples of multiples of 3?

The term "multiples of 3" is a common math term. Children learn about multiples at an early age when learning to skip count. 3, 6, and 9 are all multiples of 3.

Are you a genius if your IQ is 123 and you are 11?

No, it means your smart and you might be a genius, but IQ tests are sometimes wrong.I.Q. tests also do not perfectly measure genius. It shows what you alreay know, not what you can learn.======In theory, IQ does not change with age so the only question is whether an IQ of 123 qualifies as genius.Officially, on the original Stanford-Binet scale:Above 140 => near genius or genius120-140 => Very superior intelligence110-120 => Superior intelligence90-110 => Normal, or average intelligenceOther IQ scales don't normally use the term "genius". Even the revised Stanford-Binet scale instead uses the terms Average (89-110), Above Average (111-120), Superior (121-130), and Above Superior (131 and above)Genius is, of course, more than just IQ; it's also the ability and inclination to harness that intelligence. The current view of psychologists and other scholars of genius is that a minimum level of IQ, no lower than about IQ 125, is strictly necessary to develop into a "genius"With all that said - if you are 11 and have an IQ of 123 - NO - you are NOT a genius.

How can you become a math genius?

You cannot become a mathematics genius. You can become good at it by working hard to understand the concepts and practice your mathematics. Depending on you age, the last could be number bonds, times tables or algebraic or trigonometric identities.

You are currently 17 and received an IQ score of 146 is that good?

Yes, it is excellent. Congrtulations. This is genius level. Age, by the way, is not related to IQ, as the results are calibrated to one's age-range.

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Name something most children have to learn by the age of three?

Count Alphabet Walk Talk Potty Training How to read manners name

Is it genius to learn alfabeth and count to 10 at age of 2?

With new programs designed to encourage babies to learn, there are already children much younger than that who can give the same performance.

When did Jose Rizal learn alphabet?

he learned the alphabet and prayers at the age of 3.

What is the youngest age to say alphabet backwards?

The ability to say the alphabet backwards is not determined by a specific age, but rather by the individual's cognitive development and language skills. Most children learn to recite the alphabet forwards before they are able to do it backwards. However, some individuals may be able to learn to say the alphabet backwards at a younger age if they have advanced language abilities.

At what age was Charles Babbage a genius?

Genius is a matter of opinion.

What are the release dates for The Age of Genius - 2005?

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How do you introduce alphabet to preschooler?

Use pictures that will be familiar to the child. Classics are - A is for apple, B is for ball, C is for cat... etc. My family members inform me I had learned my whole alphabet, was able to count to 100 and could do simple arithmetic by the age of three.

What actors and actresses appeared in Age of Genius - 2006?

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What is a genius score for a 15-year-old girl on an IQ test?

IQ has nothing to do with age. A genius score is the same number no matter what one's age is. The exact IQ number at which one is considered a genius has been set at different levels by different people. An average (not genius) IQ is around 100.

What is a genius IQ score for an 11 year old girl?

The IQ score is calculated relative to other people of the same age group. This means that the age of the subject does not matter. Going by the original definition, an IQ of 140 or more qualifies as "Genius or near genius".

Which Iron Age sea-faring people created a non-pictographic alphabet?

The Phoenicians were the Iron Age sea-faring people who created a non-pictographic alphabet.

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