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Live in a twin what? Do you mean a duplex?

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Q: Is it legal if you live in a twin where the fence between the twins is owned by a neighbor and she has told you that your garden cannot touch her fence?
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Can your neighbor attach a cable to your side of a garden fence?

No, your neighbor cannot attach anything to your side of a garden fence. If you give permission, they can. Contact your zoning inspector or city attorney for your specific laws.

Can you put a lien on a neighbor for refusing to pay for a fence?

If the neighbor has agreed to help pay for the fence and failed to follow through, then you could go to small claims court. If the neighbor does not want to help pay for a shared fence, then your choice is to go it alone or not to build the fence at all. You cannot force a neighbor to put up a fence.

Can I paint a neighbors fence that is facing my property but on his property line?

No, you cannot. The fence is the property of your neighbor and you have no right to paint it.

Can neighbor use fence on your property?

can my neighbor (in California) use by fence as his, the fence is on my property

Can the neighbor attach a fence to your fence?


You are private tenant neighbor is council Fence fell down she threw all old fence panels and rubbish into my garden what should i do?

(If you can prove that it is more likely than not that the neighbor dumped the fence panels): Hire a licensed contractor to remove the fence panels. Then, take the offending neighbor to small claims court for the amount of money you paid the contractor to remove the panels.

Can I attach to my neighbor's fence?

It is not possible to attach to a neighbor's fence unless permission is given by the neighbor. It is a good idea to get any agreement in writing for attaching to the fence.

What if your neighbor has nailed into your fence?

does the fence separate your properties?

Can I attach a fence to my neighbors fence?

No, you have no right to attach a fence to your neighbor's fence unless you have her written permission.

Is it legal to destroy a grapevine on your neighbor's side of the fence?

If the grapevine is growing onto your property, you can trim that growth back, but you cannot destroy anything that is on your neighbor's side of the fence. You must also offer your neighbour the prunings back as they belong to him/her.

Can you remove a fence that is being shared between two neighbors?

My neighbor would like to remove the fence that we share in our backyard. Is he allowed to remove the neighboring fence without my approval?

Can a neighbor attach to your fence?

If the fence is yours - ie your boundary and on your land then the neighbor has no right to attach anything to it (without your permission).

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