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You don't need to write it down in the first place, the only people who have use for that number is the DVLA.

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Q: Is it legal to write a driver's license number down on a rental application?
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Do you need to show a drivers license for an auto rental?

To rent a car from any rental company includint moving trucks you will need to show a valid driver's license at the time you pick up your rental.

Do you need a cdl to lease penske trucks?

No. It is not required for you to have a CDL drivers license to lease a Penske Truck. This type of rental is just as a car rental. You are required to have only a C class License.

Can you drive a rental car in Florida with an Israeli drivers license?

Yes. Contact: EZ Rent a Car

Can my daughter drive a car I rented if I'm in it?

You should check with the rental car company to find out their policy on additional drivers. Generally, all additional drivers on your rental contract must be at least 25 years old, with a valid drivers license, a credit card in their own name and they must complete and sign an additional driver form at the rental counter.

Can you rent a car in Canada with a German drivers license?

It would be advisable to obtain an International license while driving in Canada, but a valid driver's license from any country is valid at many car rental agencies in the country.

How old do you have to be to work at jumpin jakes ski rental in PA?

18 and you need a drivers license and must have one year of expierence skiing/ snowboarding

How do you get SR22 insurance on rental car?

You can not. The insurance you purchase when you rent a car assumes that you already have a valid drivers license, otherwise you can not rent the car to begin with.

What does proof of domicile mean?

documentary proof of where you live, such as mail addressed to you, drivers license, rental agreement, property tax receipt, etc. Your home is your domicile.

If I want to rent a rental car Minibus 12 or 15 persons with a Dutch drivers license which law applies Dutch or American law?

The laws apply from where you are renting at.

i have a south african drivers license and i want to make it international. can i go somewhere so they can just change it?

At ( ) you can obtain an International Drivers Permit. It is not a replacement for your South African license but it could aid in driving outside of your local area and at car rental offices.

What can a landlord ask on a rental application?

Any question that has to do with your financial background including your rental history.

Too many points on your license and it will be?

No rental car for you.

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