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The sum of two positive integers is never zero.

The sum of two numbers a and b can only be zero if a=-b, or a=0 and b=0. Since 0 is not a positive integer, and a and b cannot both be positive integers if a=-b, then it is impossible for the sum of two positive integers to be zero.


The above answer is correct. Here is another way to say it:

An integer is any whole number including negative numbers, positive numbers and zero.

However, a "positive integer" is a whole number greater than zero. The "sum of two positive integers" means you are adding two numbers greater than zero together. Therefore, the sum of two positive integers can never be a negative integer, and can never be zero.

Example: 1 + 1 = 2

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Q: Is it never always or sometimes the sum of two positive integers is zero?
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- Always, if the two integers are both positive. - Sometimes, if the two integers have different signs. - Never, if the two integers are both negative.

The sum of a positive integer and a negative integer is always sometimes or never zero?

If the integers are the same, then the sum is always zero.If the integers are different, then the sum is never zero.If there's no rule governing the choice of integers, then the sum is sometimes zero.By the way . . . we're talking about 'integers', not 'intergers'.

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They always have a numerator but, if they are integers, the may not have a denominator.

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The sum of two negative integers is never positive.

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no never 9 is a positive so it is always greater

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