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Q: Is it ok for your chambelan to be shorter than you?
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How do you say chambelan in English?


Is it ok if your boyfriend is shorter than you by 6 inches? boyfriend is 7 in. Shorter than me

Who or what is a Quinceanera Chambelan?

It is her escort. The young man she will dance with.

Is it weird if the guy i like is shorter than me but older?

No, you are OK to be attracted to whoever you like.

What if you kiss a boy who is both younger and shorter than you?

if you are his older sister i guess it would be ok(but on the cheek not on the lips)but if he is only a little bit shorter and younger i guess it would be ok too.

Difference between ok and okay?

They mean exactly the same thing. One is simply shorter than the other.

What will happen when your crush is 5 foot 4 and you are the boy with 5 foot 3?

Its ok, your not that much shorter than your crush.

Shaiju is shorter than anil but she is taller than anup renjith is shorter than anil and shorter than anup raj is taller than renjith but shorter than anil if the statements above are true?

Shaiju is shorter than Anil, but she is taller than Anup. Renjith is shorter than Anil, and shorter than Anup. Raj is taller than Renjith, but shorter than Anil. If the statements above are true, one can validly conclude that Sathish is shorter than Shaiju if it is true that: Shaiju is equal in height to Raj Raj is equal in height to Sathish Sathish is taller than Renjith but shorter than Raj Sathish is shorter than Anil but taller than Anup Raj is taller than Sathish, but shorter than Anup

Why do people text k?

Because typing "k" is shorter than typing ok, okay, or alright, and still accomplishes the same purpose.

Is it ok to love a guy who is shorter than you?

if you love him then yes. could be a bit awkward but height really doesn't matter in the long run

What is shorter than you and found in North America?

"I" is shorter than "you"

What is more shorter than a yard?

A foot is shorter than a yard.