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velocity is a vector that has both speed and direction. So if you are going 30 mph in one direction that may be positive, but if you are going in reverse that may be negative.

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Q: Is it possible for velocity to have a negative value?
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Is it possible to travel at a negitave speed?

Negative speed isn't possible, but negative velocity is.

What can have positive or negative value depending on the direction of the change in position?

Velocity can have positive or negative value depending on the direction of the change in position. Positive velocity indicates motion in one direction, while negative velocity indicates motion in the opposite direction.

How do you achieve negative velocity?

Negative velocity is achieved by moving in the opposite direction of the positive direction. For example, if a car is moving eastwards with a velocity of 50 km/h, to achieve negative velocity, it would need to be moving westwards with a velocity of -50 km/h.

Why is the absolute value of speed equal to velocity?

It's not. Unless you add a direction to speed it will not become velocity. Since positive and negative are sometimes used to denote direction, absolute value of velocity may equal speed (certain situations)

How is motion demonstratd with snowboarding?

Snowboarding demonstrates speed, velocity, and acceleration. It can also demonstrate a positive or negative value for velocity and acceleration.

How is the absolute value of velocity speed?

Velocity is a vector and its magnitude depends on the direction. If it is positive in one direction, going in the opposite direction it is negative. But speed is a scalar and does not depend on the direction. It has the same value, whatever the direction. That is how the absolute value of velocity is speed.

Can a car have negative velocity and negative acceleration?

It cannot have negative velocity, it can have negative acceleration.

Is it possible for a body to have the same acceleration and velocity?

The velocity and acceleration can have the same numeric value, but the units will be different. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- No it is not possible. Because so long there is acceleration then the velocity has to change either in magnitude or in direction or in both. So it is not at all possible for acceleration and velocity to be the same simultaneously.

What is it called when the absolute value of a number is negative?

An absolute value can never be a negative. An absolute value is just the distance the # is from the again for it to be negative thats not possible

How do you find displacement of negative velocity time graph?

To find the displacement from a negative velocity-time graph, you need to calculate the area under the curve for the portion representing displacement. If the velocity is negative, the displacement will be in the opposite direction. The magnitude of the displacement is equal to the absolute value of the area under the curve.


Speed is (distance covered in some time) / (time to cover the distance).Neither the distance covered in the time, nor the time duration, can be negative.If you'll say "Well what about moving backwards ?", then you have introduced the directionof motion into the discussion, and now you're talking about velocity, not speed. Velocity caneasily be negative, but speed can't.

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