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Exactly half and half? Sure

you could have the scores be 4, 4, 4 and 6, 6, 6 (simple) and the mean is 5

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Q: Is it possible half of the students score more than mean and half less?
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What percentage of college students actually know what they want to do after they graduate?

Less than half.

What percent of students score 800 in math on SAT?

Less than 1% of test takers score an 800 on the math SAT. The actual decimal percentage changes from year to year.

How many is one less than a score?

One less than a score is nineteen.

What act score is needed to get into purdue university?

50% of students admitted to Purdue University scored between a 24 and 30 on the ACT. 21% of admitted students scored between 18 and 23. No students were admitted with ACT scores less than 18.

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Is 0.21 more than a half or less than a half?


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Is half of a half plus one third of a half greater than less than or equal to half of a whole?

less, if it is a fraction of a half, it cannt be a whole

Is a dozen more or less than a score?

A dozen is 12; a score is 20. Thus a score is more than a dozen.

Is it true any score with value less than the population mean will have a negative z-score?

Yes. If a score is below the mean, the z score will be negative.

Is it correct to say as less as possible?

in order to disturb as less as possible

If the square of t is less than one half of t what is the possible value for t?

t.5 or 1/2t

Double my number I'm less than a score half of my number is less than four Add one to my double when bakers are near days of the week are still greater I fear who am I?

I'm six.

What is 5 less than a score?


Why do students retain less in the summer?

Less of what needs to be specified for an answer to be given.

If you have a FICO score around 500 and your spouse has a score around 700 and makes 50K a year what percentage down payment will you need?

Whoever makes more money will usually be put first on the loan. There are several other alternatives though if the person with better credit makes less money. The main factor as far as downpayment is what the purchase price is on the home. With a 700 score you can qualify for 100% financing and half or possibly all your closing costs to be rolled into the loan if possible.

What is a good act score?

The act is scored in a similar fashion to a bell curve. view The national average is about 20, so a good score depends on what kind of a student you are. Scoring ranges from 1-36. However, less than two percent of students score from 30-36. The 90% percentile is typically around 27, so a score of 27 or higher would be excellent.

How can you tell if a fraction is less than one half?

The numerator is less than half of the denominator.

Is it possible for a quadrilateral to rotate onto itself in less than one-half rotation?

Yes. A square needs only a quarter rotation.

How of 500 students kate scored 25th percent tile what is the percent of the other students?

124 of the students scored less than Kate and 375 scored more. It is not possible to say any more about the scores. The ones who scored less than Kate could all have scored 0, or all have scored just one less than Kate or any mix of values smaller than Kate's. Similarly, the ones who scored more than her.

What is the meaning of a negative z score?

A negative z score is a value that is less than the mean value.

Is .33 acre is less then half acre?

Yes, it is less than half an acre. Half an acre would be shown as .5 acres.

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Yes, 5 / 11 is less than half. 5.5 / 11 is exactly half.

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