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No. There is no real number which multiplied by itself forms a negative number.

A negative times a negative is a positive, and only a positive times a negative is a negative.

However, in calculus there is an "imaginary value" (called i ) which represents the square root of -1.

Square roots of larger negative numbers are represented by the square of the absolute value times i .

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Q: Is it possible to find the square root of a negative number in the real number system?
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What kind of number system is a square root?

A square root is not a number system. Square roots of non-negative numbers may be rational or irrational, but they all belong to the set of real numbers. The square roots of negative numbers do not. To include them, the number system needs to be extended to the complex numbers.

Is the square root of negative 3 an irrational or a real number?

Neither. All irrational numbers are real numbers.Using the real number system you can't take the square root of a negative number, but if you're dealing with imaginary numbers then the square root of negative 3 is the square root of 3i

6 time the square root of -18?


Is there a square root of -28?

No, there is no real number that satisfies the equation √(-28). The square root of a negative number is not defined in the real number system. However, if we extend our number system to include complex numbers, we can define a square root of -28 as √(-28) = 2√7i, where i is the imaginary unit.

What is -0.567 on the number system?

In the number system , there are decimal numbers, fractions,rational numbers , irrational numbers , negative and positive numbers.-0.567 on the number system is negative number.

What is an unreal number?

Imaginary and complex numbers are an extension of the Real Number system. They are not called unreal. An imaginary number is a non-existent number, like the square root of a negative number. For example, the square root of -4 is 2i (i stands for imaginary). There are also complex numbers, which are defined as the sum of a real number and an imaginary number (e.g. 4 + 3i). An imaginary number does not exist, but can nevertheless be useful in certain applications. An imaginary number is any number that is the product of a real number and the square root of negative one (-1). The square root of -1 is the "unit" of the set of imaginary numbers, and is referred to as "i". As you know, negative numbers cannot have square roots, and so the square root of any negative number is "imaginary". There are also "complex numbers", which are the sum of a real number and an imaginary number. For example 3 + 2i.

What is -15 in the real number system?

A negative integer

Can negative numbers be part of the real number system?


Does a negative number have any square roots?

Yes, they are numbers in the complex field.Look at it this way: You started to count with positive integers. But with only those numbers subtraction was limited. You could not take 3 from 2. The solution was to introduce negative numbers. That expanded the number system and what you could do with them.You learned to divide, but you could not divide 2 by 3. This time the solution was to introduce [rational] fractions. Again, the number system was expanded as was the range of and its power.You learned about square roots but even common numbers like 2 did not have a square root that was a rational number. So you introduced irrational numbers. Once again, the number system was expanded as was the range of and its power.The next hurdle was the square root of negative numbers. The solution was to introduce complex numbers. And once again ... you guessed!The introduction of each additional set of number comes as you get into more complicated areas of the subject. In the UK you will not come across complex numbers until you study further mathematics at A level.The square roots of -9, for example, are ±3iwhere i denotes the square root of -1.

What subset of the real number system does -4.2 belong in?

-4.2 is a negative decimal number. It is also a directed number.

Is 225 a square?

Technically, every positive number is a square in the real number system, but I assume you mean perfect square. And yes, 225 is a perfect square. 152 = 225

A grid system used in figuring possible results of various genetic problem?

The greed system is called Punnet Square