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No, there is no reciprocal of 0.

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Is the reciprocal of every rational number possible?

No. 0 is rational and has no reciprocal.

What is the reciprocal of zero?

It is 0. But some people say 0 does not have a reciprocal.

What is the reciprocal of 7over0?

7/0 does not exist, but its reciprocal would be 0

What is the negative reciprocal of 0?

The negative reciprocal of zero would be any undefined fraction. 0/x=0 negative reciprocal: -(x/0)= undefined.

What real number does not have reciprocal?

0 has no reciprocal

Does every number have a reciprocal why?

No. The reciprocal of 0, which would be 1/0, is not defined.

Does every real number have a reciprocal?

No, 0 does not have a reciprocal, yet 0 is a real number.

Does every whole number have a reciprocal?

Not just every whole number. Every number has a reciprocal, even 0. The reciprocal of 0 is undefined.

Does 0 have a reciprocal?


Is there any number that does not have a reciprocal?

Only 0 doesn't have a reciprocal

Why does every number have a reciprocal?

Every number does not. 0 is a number and it does not have a reciprocal.

Reciprocal of 0?

It is not defined.

What is the definition of a reciprocal?

The reciprocal of any number (except 0) is equal to 1 divided by that number. Zero does not have a reciprocal.

When you invert or flip a fraction you have the?

You have the reciprocal. Unless you started with a fraction equivalent to 0.

Is there a number that has no reciprocal?

Yes, 0.

What is the reciprocal of y?

1/y or y-1 for y other than 0 The reciprocal of y is not defined for y = 0

What number has no reciprocal Why?

0, because division by 0 is not defined.

What number has no reciprical?

The number 0 has no reciprocal.

What is the reciprocal of 4.5?

0. 2 recurring

What is the reciprocal of 9 9/10?


What is the reciprocal of 911?

The reciprocal of any number (other than 0, which has no reciprocal) is 1 divided by that number. In this case, 1 / 911.(Note: to get the reciprocal of a fraction, just exchange the numerator and the denominator.)

If the slope of a given line is 0 what is the slope of an orthogonal line?

If the original slope is 0, then the opposite reciprocal of 0 is still 0. Oops! Reciprocal of 0 (n/0) is undefined! A vertical line has undefined slope, the horizontal line has slope of 0.

What is the reciprocal of 0?

what is the reciprocal of 0?well you have to understand that a reciprocal of any number is the number that when multiplied gives 1.ex. reciprocal of 2 is 1/2 because 2x1/2 is 1now understanding that what number can we multiply 0 by to get 10x1 nope0x8 nope0x10000000000000000000000000000000 nopebut what if we consider infinity?infinity isn't big it isn't small it is the endlessness of numbers.and zero is the midway point of the numbers.skipping all of the theory we can understand that the recipricol of 0 is infinity.This is a common perception of the reciprocal of zero. Another common answer, more commonly believed, is that 0's reciprocal is undefined.

Why doesnt 0 have a reciprocal?

Because nothing can be over 0. Therefore it is undefined.

What is the reciprocal of a provided not equal 0?

It's 1/a .

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