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You have the reciprocal. Unless you started with a fraction equivalent to 0.

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Q: When you invert or flip a fraction you have the?
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How do you divide a fraction by another fraction?

Poem To Divide Fractions :Dividing fractions is easy as pie flip the second then multiply !~Never flip the first!!!!!!!!!!Ex: 1/7 Divided by 1/5 = 1/7 Divided by 5/1 < you flip the second= 5/7Then Simplify(if told) till you cant simplify No more. :)

What steps do you take to divide a fraction by another fraction?

To divide one fraction (the dividend) by another (the divisor), invert the divisor and multiply the fractions together: eg 2/35 &divide; 4/5 = 2/35 &times; 5/4 = (2&times;5)/(35&times;4) = 10/140 = 1/14

What type of fraction has a fraction in the numerator denominator or both?

A complex fraction has a fraction in the numerator, denominator, or both. As with all fractions, it implies division, so apply the rules of dividing by a fraction, invert the divisor and multiply. EX: (a/b) / (c/d) means (a/b) divided by (c/d) = (a/b) x (d/c) = (ad) / (bc) and as always reduce if possible. EX: (2/3) / (3/5) = (2/3) x (5/3) = 10/9 = 1 1/9

How do you find the reciprocal of a fraction?

Write the original denominator as the new numerator, the original numerator as the new denominator, that is turn it upside down:the reciprocal of a/b is b/a;for example the reciprocal of 2/5 is 5/2.Invert it: eg reciprocal of 3/4 = 4/3

What positive fraction smaller than 1 is equal to itself when inverted?

We're going to say that any fraction that's equal to itself when inverted musthave the same numerator and denominator, and therefore must be equal to 1,so there's no answer to the question.If there is one, we're fascinated and intrigued to hear about it, and we're hopingthe person who posted this question will come back and reveal it.

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What is another word for flip?


What is a invert on a wakeboard?

An invert on a wakeboard is simply a flip. It's an abbreviated word for "inverted" which means "upside-down"

How do you find the quoteint of fractions?

Invert (flip) the second one, and then multiply them.

What does invertion mean?

To invert basically means, "turn upside down". Example: Invert the egg timer so you can time the cooking for a boiled egg.

How do you devide whole numbers by a fraction?

Invert the fraction, and multiply it by the whole number.

What is 5.3 invert to fraction?

the answer is 5 3/10

What is the invert and multiply rule in mathematics?

You may be referring to the rule for dividing fractions. To divide one fraction by another, you invert the second fraction (exchange numerator and denominator), and multiply instead.

How do you divide a fraction by mixed number?

Convert the mixed number to a fraction and invert numerator and denominator

When you divide whole number by a fraction with a numerator of 1 how do you find the quotient?

Invert the fraction and multiply.

How so you divide fractions?

When dividing one fraction by another, invert the second fraction and multiply them.

How do you divide a fraction into a fraction?

"Dividing Fractions is easy as pie, flip the second and multiply." Flip the second fraction, and multiply, and reduce.

Why do you invert the divisor when you divide a fraction by a fraction?

Because that is just how it works mathematically If you divide one vulgar (or common) fraction by a second vulgar fraction, the rule is: Invert the second fraction and then multiply them together. It is too difficult to explain why this works, using typed explanation on the computer, but just accept that it works.