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I think you should date someone you'r age, although in my honest opinion 11 is WAY to young to start dating I didn't date until I was 18

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โˆ™ 2011-06-28 14:06:00
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Q: Is it right to date a 15yr old boy at age 11?
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What happens if a 18yr female is dating a 15yr boy in MO?

It is illegal at 18 you are an adult dating a minor and charges could be brought against you. Date someone your own age.

Is it a bad thing for a 15yr old girl to date a 14yr old boy?

No it's cool. No laws against dating.

What is the average height for 15yr old boy in England?

5' 7""

Can a 17yr old boy get in trouble for getting a 15yr old girl pregnant?

It depends which country or state you are in, but generally, the age of consent is 16, so yes, he could

Who could Adam Sandler effectively play in the MCU/DCEU?

a 15yr old immature boy

Boy 16 yrs get 15yr girl pregnant what obligation does the boy mother have with pregnant girl?

noting if the girl and mom do not like each other!

Is it wrong for a 17 year old girl to date a younger boy?

it is right because age doesn't matter. if you really want him to date you should believe that you can do it and follow your heart what's its saying.

How long will a boy date a girl at the age of 13?

About 13 days

Should a 13 yr old girl go out with a 15yr old boy if they like each other?

yes i am 16 years old and i think it would be fine that you would date him. my rule on that is that you do not date under or over 3 years of your age. 2 is better, because if you think about it (take me) 3 years younger, 13 a bit young you first but do the math it anit that bad

What age boy should a 17 yr old North Carolina girl date?

any age

Is 77 an average IQ for a 15yr old boy?

No, that is not an average IQ. Anything between about from 90 to 110 is considered average.

Can a 17yr old boy be charged for running away with a 15yr old girl?

Yes. Both for himself and for the young lady.

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