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Q: Is it safe for me to inject liquid with blood that's over 24 hours old into my rectum?
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Does pig's blood remain to be in its liquid form after 24 hours?

The blood will eventually clot becoming more of a gel and not a liquid.

Did the pig blood remain in its liquid form after 24 hours?


Can sperm be extracted from the rectum after 24 hours?


What causes a stool to pass through the rectum after a colostomy?

within 72 hours, passage of gas and stool through the stoma begins. Initially, the stool is liquid, gradually thickening as the patient begins to take solid foods.

How many hours does it take food to go trough the mouth to the rectum?

Between 24 and 72 hours, in a healthy adult.

How are king cobras dangerous?

They are very venomous and can kill humans in less than 3 hours. Also they are they largest venomous snakes in the world. They are capable of killing a adult elephant over a period of time. The venom they inject is neurotoxic but is also carditoxic which can destroy blood tissue and not allow blood clots to form.

What is the duration of Step into Liquid?

The duration of Step into Liquid is 1.47 hours.

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The duration of Liquid Sky is 1.87 hours.

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The duration of First Blood is 1.62 hours.

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How many hours is the blood could be exposed from the blood bank before transfusion?

four hours

How long does it take for liquid to travel through your digestive system?

It takes around 62 hours for water to pass through, but if its a slightly thicker, liquid it takes around 46 hours. (The thinner the substance, the longer it takes).