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It depends on the rating of the new electric range. Most ranges require a 40 amp breaker to protect the circuit. With this rating you would require a 8-3 wire as you suggest. However, all local building and electrical codes require electrical work to be done by a certified or journeyman electrician as well as a permit and inspection to verify the installation has been done to code. This is for the safety of the residents of the building. There is a provision in most jurisdictions for homeowners to obtain the permit once they prove to the authority having jurisdiction that they know what they are doing and pay a small permit and inspection fee.

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Q: Is it safe to use 8 - 3 size wiring from the breaker box to a new 3-prong outlet for a new electric range?
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What is the purpose of an electric circuit breaker?

The purpose of a circuit breaker is to protect electrical wiring from overheating and starting fires.

What is tripping relay?

You need to remove everything connected to the breaker and see if it still trips. If it does it is in the wiring or possibly a bad breaker. Disconnect load from breaker and see if it still trips. If so replace the breaker. If it still trips and is not the breaker then you will have to start pulling each outlet from wall and checking after disconnecting each outlet.

The light on my gfi outlet is dim and sometimes out i am getting no power to it but the circuit breaker is not tripped i just replaced the gfi and it didn't help any ideas?

If the GFI outlet is tripped (the outlet, not the breaker) then it is telling you there is a ground fault which must be fixed. If the GFI outlet is not tripped, and the breaker is not tripped, but it is still not providing power, then you have a loose connection or a wiring error.

If your air conditioner is 120V but the outlet is 240V can you convert from 240V to 120V and how?

If the 220V circuit is dedicated, is to derate the circuit to a dedicated 110V outlet. Replace the 220V breaker with a 110V breaker and install a 110V outlet in place of the 220V outlet. If the original circuit was 20A or greater go with a 20A breaker and a 20A outlet as Airconditioners are fairly large loads. Do not exceed the current rating of the old circuit as that is all the current the existing wiring can handle.

Why would a regularly used outlet lose power when its breaker has not popped - there are no hot wires in the outlet box yet the other outlets work?

If the wiring is fine, replace the receptacle.

Why would the wall outlets seem to be blown and the circuit breaker was not tripped?

You don't explain the phrase "seem to be blown". If the outlet appears to be burnt and the breaker didn't blow this is reason for concern. If it happens to be a GFCI outlet, it could trip without the breaker tripping since it is looking for a ground fault and not a current surge. If there is just no power to outlet and breaker is on and working then you have a wiring problem; or the outlet could be controlled by a switch that is off. All these things have happened in more than one case.

What is the proper ampere rating of circuit breaker for electric arc welder?

The proper ampere rating of a circuit breaker for an electric arc welder depends on the arc welder. Each is different. Look at the nameplate on the arc welder and choose the circuit breaker and wiring accordingly.

Can you deliver power from a gfci outlet to 3 fans?

You could if you ensure that the fans won't overload the circuit and that the added wiring is sufficient. 12 AWG for a 20 A breaker and 14 AWG for 15 A breaker

How can you wire a 110V plug outlet from a 240V plug outlet not speaking of a converter but actually changing the plug outlet so that there are no long term effects on the 120V appliance?

Assuming the wiring to the outlet has 2 loads and one neutral, isolate one load from the outlet and use the neutral as the common. be sure to ground from the receptacle to your conduit or ground lead. You should also replace the corresponding breaker with a 120 volt single breaker.

Can you convert a 30 amp 120V RV receptacle into a normal 120V outlet?

You can, but your circuit will be "protected" by a 30 amp breaker. So you'll have to consider the safety issues of having wiring and appliances that can draw up to 30 amps before tripping the breaker. Will the wiring and circuity support that much current without damage? If not, then switch to a 15 or 20 amp breaker.

How do you install a 240V hookup if there is a 120V outlet where you are replacing a gas stove with an electric one?

Get an electrician to wire you up a 220v line. Yes, with a caveat. The current ratings must be the same, and the the 110V outlet must be a dedicated circuit, i.e. nothing else on that breaker. You can safely upgrade a dedicated 110V 15A circuit to a 220V 15A circuit by re-using the same wiring. You will have to just replace the breaker and the outlet. You cannot, however, increase the current load or have a 110/220V (4-prong) outlet. Note that if you move a non-dedicated circuit up to 220 you will start a fire.

My circuit breaker keeps popping I have replace the 2-prong outlet with a 4-outlets and why is it still popping?

A breaker trips when there is too much current. If you unplug everything on the circuit and the breaker still trips then you have a wiring problem or a bad breaker. From your description it is not possible to be certain if the problem started when you installed new outlet or previously. You have to describe your problem in better detail to get a good answer. When you have a circuit that trips the corresponding breaker, you need to go through each outlet on the circuit and rule it out as the problem. This can be done by pulling each outlet, from the wall and systematically remove wires from outlets while power is off and determining when problem goes away.

Electric range wiring specifications?

The most common size wire for an electric range is 3C - #8 connected to a 40 amp two pole breaker for operation on 240 volts. <<>> Wiring specifications are located on the unit nameplate, where the serial and model number are.

What are the signs of a worn your circuit breaker?

They don't wear out for the most part,just fail to work. If something seems wrong,it is most likely the wiring,switch,outlet,or component.

What is different between feeder breaker and motor breaker?

Feeder breaker is protecting the supply and the wiring. Motor breaker is protecting the motor.

Pride celebrity wiring diagram?

wiring for the plug for the outlet to the charger?

What has the author Jeff Markell written?

Jeff Markell has written: 'Residential wiring' -- subject(s): Electric wiring, Interior, Interior Electric wiring 'Residential wiring to the 2008 NEC' -- subject(s): Handbooks, manuals, etc, Electric wiring, Interior, Electric wiring, Insurance requirements, Electric equipment, Dwellings, Standards, Handbooks, manuals, National Fire Protection Association, Interior Electric wiring 'Residential wiring to the 1993 NEC' -- subject(s): Insurance requirements, Electric wiring, Interior, Handbooks, manuals, Electric wiring, National Fire Protection Association, Interior Electric wiring 'Unusual Vessels' 'Installing hi-fi systems' -- subject(s): High-fidelity sound systems 'Residential wiring to the 1996 NEC' -- subject(s): Electric wiring, Electric wiring, Interior, Handbooks, manuals, Insurance requirements, Interior Electric wiring, National Fire Protection Association

Wiring diagram for Electric bike?

Yes you can diagram the wiring of an electric nike

Can Lights and outlets be on the same circuit?

You can certainly do this if you obey certain rules and many older homes might have evolved in this way. this is not to say that this is condoned by the electric code. You need to make sure that the wiring and devices are consistent for the amperage of the breaker. For example lighting circuits would typically use 14 AWG while a 20 Amp outlet would use 12 AWG. You wouldn't want to run 14 AWG to a light from an outlet protected by a 20 A breaker. Also the internal wiring in lamp should match the current rating of the protecting breaker. Hence, the norm would be to separate the two different types of circuits.You can, but usually don't. You are more likely to trip a breaker by plugging something into an outlet. If the lights are on the same circuit, you can be left in the dark. Also, depending on what is in the outlet, the lights will dim slightly when you use it. I don't know current codes and yours may vary. It used to be 10 outlets or lights on a circuit using 12/2 wire and a 20 amp. breaker. That's old information and may no longer be correct.

How do you change outlet if you can't get to breaker?

You don't do it. You call an electrician and have the electrician do it.If the breaker box is not accessible, that's a building code violation, and you have bigger problems than just changing an outlet.If the outlet is in a building that is anything other than a single-family home which you own personally, you have absolutely no business touching the wiring under any circumstances. A faulty installation could put other tenants or future tenants at risk of fire or shock. Ask the owner to send an electrician to make the repair.If the outlet is in your own home and you don't have access to the circuit breakers because there is stuff in the way, you need to clear it away. If you don't know where the breaker box is, call an electrician to make the repair for you and have the electrician show you where it is for future reference. If you don't have a breaker panel, call an electrician immediately because your wiring is unsafe.

Can a regular 120 volt outlet be converted to a 120 v 20 amp single phase simply by changing the breaker and rewiring the outlet want to use a mig welder occasionally?

If you have 12/2 wiring in this circuit and a 20-amp breaker controlling it, you can THEORETICALLY do it, but you've got another problem: according to code, if you've got a 20-amp breaker and a 20-amp outlet, you're only allowed to have one outlet in the circuit on the theory that a 20-amp outlet is going to have a 20-amp appliance plugged into it. If you want more than one outlet, you'll need to use 10/2 wire and a 30-amp breaker.If you are asking this question, it implies you are not qualified to do the work. Hire a licensed electrician!If the breaker is not already 20A, then absolutely not! An existing 15A breaker will have #14AWG wire to the outlet(s). For a 20A circuit, you must have a MINIMUM of #12AWG. If you try to push 20A through #14 wire, you could start a fire, not to mention it is illegal.15A and 20A outlets are wired exactly the same, one just has a higher rating than the other.A regular 120V outlet is already single-phase.So, your question really is: Can an existing 15A, 120V circuit be converted to a 20A circuit by simply changing the breaker and receptacle to 20A? : No, the breaker, wiring, and receptacle(s) must ALL be changed to be safe and legal.If the breaker is already 20A, and the wiring is already #12, then no modification is necessary. You are good to go as-is.Tip: If your house has an outlet for a washing machine, check the breaker for it. Washing machines are supposed to have their own dedicated circuit, and that circuit is required to be 20A according to NEC article 210-11. You could use that outlet temporarily to do your welding.IF YOU ARE NOT ALREADY SURE YOU CAN DO THIS JOBSAFELY AND COMPETENTLYREFER THIS WORK TO QUALIFIED PROFESSIONALS.If you do this work yourself, always turn off the powerat the breaker box/fuse panel BEFORE you attempt to do any work AND always use a meter or voltage indicatorto insure the circuit is, in fact, de-energized.if the wire is #12 or higher, then yes you can swap the breaker and receptacle. however, without ripping your drywall apart there is no guarantee that is #12 the entire run. back to your panel. if ihe wiring is open and you can verify its indeed 12 gauge....go for it.

What size breaker should be used for a stove?

that would really depend upon the stove (I assume that you mean an appliance with an electric cooktop and an electric oven) and the size of the wire present. Most of the time a stove will require a 50amp breaker. This will mean that you would need to have 6 gauge wiring. You can probably get by with a 40 amp breaker and 8 gauge wire if you absolutely had to. Always check the appliance specifications. they will recommend a breaker size.

How do you hook up a 120V electric circuit breaker?

That question has a complicated answer depending on what you're trying to do. I recommend getting Black & Decker's "Complete guide to Home Wiring".

Where is the fuse for the block heater in an 06 f250?

Block heaters work the same as the heater element in an electric kettle . The power comes from an electric outlet in your home etc. so there is no fuse on the vehicle for the block heater . The most common problem is a break in the block heater cord wiring just near the male end that you plug in to the electric outlet

What is symptom of a circuit incorrectly wired?

Circuit breaker tripping, or non functioning outlet. The neutral and hot can be reversed, or an open ground, and you will have no symptoms. This can only be detected with a circuit tester you plug in to check the wiring.