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Q: Is it true or false in 1880 only 10 percent of the people were working on farms in the US?
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How many percent of people work in farms in Argentina?


Why do people in Mexico stop working on farms?

people stop farming because there are too many theft

What percent of Amish live on farms?

99 percent

What percent live in apartment buildings if 25 percent of the people in the community live on farms 45 percent live in houses and the rest live in apartment buildings?

If 25% live on farms and 45% in houses for a total of 70%, then 30% makes up the rest, who live in apartment buildings.

The colony that had the most productive farms was Massachusetts?


Before the industrial revolution how was work complete?

Before the Industrial Revolution people were working from home on farms or in workshops.

What percent of the worlds population farms?


What are 3 Montana's current events?

People are hunting and fishing. Tourists are visiting Glacier National Park. Hard working residents are working their farms and ranches.

Did the athenians desroyed farms to starve Spartans into surrendering?


In 1880 only 10 percent of the population worked on farms in the US?

Yes, that's correct. In 1880, about 10% of the US population worked on farms. This shift away from agricultural work was part of a larger trend toward industrialization and urbanization during that time period.

How many people in Portugal work?

well of course many adults work on farms, sometimes you will see kids in the farms working. Most of the people in Portugal work. There are a lot but it is hard to work out the exact number.

What were the daily jobs of slaves in America?

working in plantations and working in farms or digging