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The product of 21 negative numbers will be negative.

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Q: Is it true or false that the product of 21 negative integers is negative?
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Related questions

Is it true or false that product of twenty-one negative integers is negative?

It is true.

Integers can be positive or negative true or false?

False - if the sentence is meant to be exhaustive. Integers can be positive or negative OR ZERO.

The quotient of any two negative integers is a negative number true or false?

False. Either the product or the quotient of two negative numbers is positive.False. Either the product or the quotient of two negative numbers is positive.False. Either the product or the quotient of two negative numbers is positive.False. Either the product or the quotient of two negative numbers is positive.

The product of two integers is positive. when is this statement true?

This statement is true when the two integers are positive, or when the two integers are negative.

True or False The category of numbers called integers includes negative numbers?

It is false. It does not include negative fractional numbers.

True or false the sum of two negative integers is always positive?

yes the answer is always a positive

If some nunbers are integers and some integers are prime then all numbers are prime true or false?


To multiply a negative number and a negative number you should multiply their absolute values and make the product negative true or false?

That is false. A negative times a negative is always a positive. Since absolute numbers are always positive if you make it negative that is not correct.

Narutal numbers may be called integers?

Yes. Natural numbers are the counting numbers we use. Integers however contains also the negative values. So yes, natural numbers are integers, but the converse is not true though: integers are counting numbers is false.

Is 0 an element of I the set of integers true or false?

It is true.

Is this statement true if the product of two integers is divisible by 6 one of the integers is also divisible by 6?

That is false. This type of statement is only true for prime numbers, not for compound numbers such as 6. Counterexample: 2 x 3 = 6

When adding integers does a negative and a negative equal a positive?

No, that is not true.

True or false when you divide two integers with the same signs the quotient is never going to be negative?

True. If the equation is (-4)divided by (-8) the quotient will be +2 because 8 divided by 4=2 and the two integers are the same, so it's positive. The same goes for multiplying integers.

True or false if x is positive and y equals -x then xy is negative?

Yes, multiplying a Positive value by a Negative value always yields a Negative product.

How do you make a test conjecture with the product of two odd integers?

One possible conjecture is that the product of two odd integers is 8. A conjecture does not have to be true, nor does it have to be sensible. It must be testable, though. Many conjectures were initially thought to be sensible and true but later proven to be false. And when the false nature is fully understood, in retrospect they no longer appear sensible either!

Is -7 a natural number true or false?

False. The natural numbers are the counting numbers: 1, 2, 3, ... which are the positive integers; -7 is a negative integer and so not one of them.

Is it true or false that all whole numbers are integers?

Yes, it is true.

If some Numbers are Integers and some Integers are Prime then all Numbers are definitely Prime This statement is true or false?

The statement is false.

Is it true that there are no integers that are whole numbers?

No, integers are positive and negative whole numbers

True or false negative three divided by negative one is three?


All whole numbers are integers true or false?


Is the set of number from one to ten is a finite set true or false?

if by Numbers you mean Integers, then the answer is TRUE. if it is real numbers, then it is false.

True or false the order of factors does not affect a product?


Is it true or false all integers are rational numbers?

It is true.

Why is it true that the product of any two integers is a rational number?

Yes, it is true.