Is it true that 36000 seconds in a minute?

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No because 60 seconds = 1 minute

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2011-08-14 14:09:24
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Q: Is it true that 36000 seconds in a minute?
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How many minutes are in 36000 seconds?

60 seconds = 1 minute600 seconds = 10 minutes6000 seconds = 100 minutes6000 seconds * (times) 6 = 36000 seconds100 minutes * 6 = 600 minutes.

How many hours are in 36000 seconds?

There are 10 hours in 36,000 seconds. 36000 divided by 60 seconds/minute divided by 60 minutes/hr = 10 hours

How many years are in 36000 seconds?

There is 0.0011407711613050422085329682865617 year in 36000 seconds. A year in seconds is about 365.25 (days) * 24 (hours) * 60 (minutes in an hour) * 60 (seconds in a minute) = 31,557,600 seconds. Therefore 36,000 seconds is 36,000/31,557,600 = 0.0011407711613050422085329682865617 of one year. 36,000 seconds, of course, is 36000/3600 = 10 hours.

True or false heart rate number of beats per minute 60 seconds?

It's FALSE and the true is 70 per minute

How many seconds are 1 mintue?

60 seconds in 1 minute. This is true for time as well as angle measurement.

How many days are in 36000 seconds?

One day is equal to 60 x 60 x 24 = 86400 seconds. Therefore, 36000 seconds is equal to 36000/86400 = 5/12 of a day, or 0.416 recurring (that is, 0.416666..) days.

How many seconds are there in a half of a minute?

30 seconds in half a minute (there are 60 seconds in a minute)

What minute has 89 seconds?

No minute has. A minute is defined as 60 seconds,so an interval that lasts 89 seconds is no minute.

How many seconds are in 1 minute 43 seconds?

There are 103 seconds in 1 minute, 43 seconds since there are 60 seconds in a minute

How many seconds is in a minute?

60 seconds are in a minute!

How many seconds are they in a minute?

There are 60 seconds in a minute.

How much seconds in a minute?

There are 60 seconds in a minute

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