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No, all generalizations are not false.

There is no paradox unless you state that they are all false, in which case you would be making a generalization about generalizations.

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Q: Is it true that all generalizations are false?
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Why should generalizations be qualified using words and phrases like most or and in most cases?

By definition, generalizations are true for most, but not all, cases

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All parts of a true and false question must be true for the answer to be true?

Yes. If all the question's parts are true, then the answer is true. If all the question's parts are false, then the answer is false. If one of the question's parts is false and the rest true, then the answer is false. Logically, this is illustrated below using: A = True, B = True, C = True, D = False, E = False, F = False A and B and C = True D and E and F = False A and B and D = False If you add NOT, it's a bit more complicated. A and NOT(D) = True and True = True NOT(D) and D = True and False = False NOT(A) and NOT(B) = False and False = False Using OR adds another layer of complexity. A OR NOT(E) = True OR True = True NOT(D) OR D = True OR False = False NOT(A) OR NOT(B) = False OR False = False Logic is easy once you understand the rules.

What is most useful for helping survey researchers avoid false generalizations?

Ensuring a representative sample, using randomized sampling techniques, clearly defining the target population, and analyzing and reporting data accurately are all crucial for helping survey researchers avoid false generalizations. Additionally, offering transparency about any limitations and biases in the study can also help mitigate potential for false generalizations.

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True. All squares are rectangles, but not all rectangles are squares.

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Dictionary meaning's are all true they are not false.

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It is true.

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What are some examples of generalizations?

Generalizations are like stereo typing something. Classic example - 'dumb blonde' (although known to be false)