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Q: True or false are all men representatives?
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Is it true all men are hotter in Europe?

No this is completely false men in America are much more attractive

All red-haired men have bad tempers true of false?

False. This is a stereotype that has been applied to men and women with red hair, but it has no basis in fact.

Does Quakers insisted on equality of men of men and women true or false?


True or false US Senators must be men?

No. Senators can be women.

Are all representatives men?

No all men and women diverse in colors

True or false- Both men and women acted in Greek plays?

False - Only men acted in Greek Plays.

Is it true that the West was the first region to extend voting rights to all white men?

No............... You're welcome;)

When Odysseus gave orders for the men to leave the cicone island all men listened and left promptly True or False?

False. On the island of the Lotus Eaters, Odysseus commands 3 men to go back to the ship, but they will not comply and have to be dragged back.

In mice n men in Chapter 1 does Lenny have a mouse in his hand true or false?


True or False young men were anxious to be part of a rebellion and joined the continental army?


In Logic What is equipollence?

When two statements have the same truth values: e.g. (All men are mortal, No men are not mortal) (No men are brutes, all men are not brutes) (All men are mortal, It is not true that some men are not mortal) (No brute is rational, it is not true that some brute is rational) (Some animal is a fish, it is not true that no animal is a fish) (Some animal is not a fish, it is not true that all animals are fish) etc... the two statements within each set of brackets are equipollent. They are true together and false together. The word equipollence etymologically means 'equal power'.

Is this true or false that the cloistered life in the Middle Ages was open only to men?

I suppose false, as nuns may have been cloistered on occasion.