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Yes. Every number is divisible by itself or 1.

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Q: Is it true that every number has at least 2 divisors?
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Is 97 a prime number?

Yes, 1 & 97 are its only divisors.True

Is every number a factor of 1 true or false?

As stated, that is false. Every number is not a factor of 1. 1 is a factor of every nonzero whole number.

Is it true that Every state has at least two electoral votes?

Actually every state has at least 3 electoral votes. The number of electors is determined by the number of US House Representatives plus one for each senator. Since every state is guaranteed at least 1 Representative and every state has 2 senators, the minimum number of electors is 1+2 = 3.

True or false is an every whole number an integer?

Yes, it is true that every whole number is an integer.

True or false is every whole number a rational number?


The least composite number is 4 true or false?


The least composite number is 4... true or false?


True or false every integer is a whole number?


Is every rational number can be written as a fraction true or false?


Is every multiple of 5 a composite number true or false?

True except for 5 itself which is a prime number

Is it true that every integer is a whole number?

No, but every whole is a integer. integers are - and +. whole number are only +.

Are there at least one output value for every possible input value?


Is it true A human eats at least 1 pound of insects every year?


Is it true that Every system of inequalities in two variables has at least one solution?


Is it true that if two numbers have no common prime factors the greatest common factor is 1?

Yes it is, because every number at least has two factors: itself, and 1.

Is this true or false every whole number greater than 0 is a multiple of 1?

This is true.

Quorum is a least number of members who must be present for a legislative body to conduct business True Or False?


Does every atom of a given element have the same number of protons?

Yes that is true Every atom of a given element does have the same number of protons.

Is it true that every number has a 0.5 factor?

No because factors are whole numbers but every whole number except zero has 1 as a factor.

Does every number have some factors for which is true?

Yes ever number has a factor it can be its self or 1

Does every human being have at least one mole on the body?

yes it is true

What is true about every prime number?

They all have only two factors.

Is Every real number is also rational true or false?


No possitive number is less than its absolute value?

True, every positive number is equal to its absolute value. Every negative number will be smaller than its absolute value.

Is every number either prime or composite?

No. It IS true that every whole number is either prime or composite. But there are numbers that are not whole numbers, such as 2.5, which are neither prime nor composite.