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No. It is not true. There's no analytical way to make a statement like that.

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Q: Is it true that if you are excellent at math but bad at writing essays you will never succeed in engineering as well as being an engineer?
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Is it true that if you are bad at writing you are not an engineer?

No. many people are not very good at writing but have successful careers in engineering

Is it possible for you to be an engineer without necessarily possessing excellent writing skills?


Are you capable to study engineering if you are excellent at math but terrible when it comes to writing essays?


Is science and engineering right for students who are excellent at math but terrible at writing essays?


Are you bad at engineering if you are not good at writing papers?

Engineering is generally a problem solving profession with math skills. To become a professional engineer, though, the advancement in the field may require writing skills.

Is engineering science and economics for people who are excellent at math but terrible at writing or people with dyslexia or dysgraphia?

Don't see why not.

Can you still be an engineer if you are not good at computer programming in terms of writing code?

Yes. If you are professionaly trained for both terms of engineering, there is a possibility that you can.

Is engineering a good choice for you if you are good with math but not great at essays?

Yes, it is good choice. But also an engineer need some writing ability.

Is it true that if you are excellent at math but a terrible writer you are forbidden to work as a mechanical engineer?

If you pass all of the schooling to be a Mechanical Engineer (BSc in Mechanical Engineering) Then you may practice Mechanical Engineering as an engineer. Other wise you cannot and should not be expected to be referred to as an Engineer. Additional comments: Depending on the work you are doing, you may also have to obtain a license or certification such as the Professional Engineer (PE) in the USA. If you can pass the tests and perform the work, you can work as a mechanical engineer - HOWEVER - if you are a terrible writer, you may find it difficult to do the necessary work and gain the requisite years of experience. A typical engineer will spend perhaps 1/3 of their time doing "engineering", i.e. design, calculation, testing, building, etc., 1/3 of their time writing reports, memos, etc, and 1/3 of their time in oral communication - making presentations, staff meetings, supervising, talking with vendors, etc. If one is terrible at writing, they will find it difficult to do all that is expected of a practicing engineer.

Is engineering for people who are excellent at Math but terrible at writing essays and papers?

it will be unwise to think that engineering is for good mathematicians who cant write essays, some are great writers it depend from individual to individual

Is it true that if you are bad at writing essays but excellent at math you will fail physics chemistry and engineering since they require lab reports?

No, it is not true. It is false.

What defines excellent writing?

Excellent writing is when someone has written something excellent. To write something excellent, the writer used their imagination and creativity.

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