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I dont believe anyone knows the conditions outside the universe

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โˆ™ 2012-06-10 21:01:26
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Q: Is it warmer than the hottest star or colder than absolute zero just outside our universe or neither?
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Can you step outside the universe?

NO because outside of the universe has no landmass

What is outside of the Universe?

There is no outside. Space and time are part of the Universe. The Universe encompasses all of space.

Is there anything around the universe?

No, there is not there is no edge to the universe, and there is nothing outside of the universe. there just IS the universe.

If the universe is finite what is outside it?

The name Universe refers to all that there is in existence, therefore nothing can be outside it.

Does gravity work outside of the universe and if so why?

If there is indeed anything "outside of the Universe", science has no knowledge about it.

What is the next closet object to the earth outside our universe?

As far as we know - there is "no outside of the universe", so nothing.

How is the climate outside the universe?

We don't know what it's like outside the universe because the big bang caused the expansion of mass, so were pretty sure nothing happens outside the universe.

What happens when the negative sign is on the outside of the absolute value?

The absolute value becomes negative.

What does the food at the center of the dish is the hottest mean?

It simply means that the food in the middle of the rest of the food will be the hottest as the food on the outside is keeping it warm as the outside cools down.I hope this answer has been of much use.

What is the difference between a universe and a dimension?

A dimension is an alternate universe outside the one we're in.

How were the heavy elements in the universe formed?

they were formed by God, the creator of the universe and everything in it and outside it.

What is the worlds hardest question?

What is outside the universe.

Is it possible that has life outside the universe?


Is it possible to get outside the universe?

Yep. Depends how you define "Universe". If it's EVERYTHING, then you can't get outside it, because all places are part of the "everything" thing.

Why is the middle part of the flame hottest?

Around a flame is the atmosphere, which is cooler. The part of a flame able to get the hottest, then, is the part in the middle that is most protected from the outside cold, so the middle part of the flame is hottest.

What is on the outside of the universe and galaxy's?

Nobody is sure what is outside the universe. Some say there is an unimaginable ocean of time in which new universes failing or succeeding. Some go with the multiuniverse theory and say there are other universes outside. Some have claimed that there are wormholes outside the universe, which lead where nobody knows. If we say outside a galaxy, it just means outer space.

When is the sun the hottest?

the sun is at its hottest between 1:00pm - 3:00pm in the afternoon these are the times when you shouldn't be outside because you could get sun burn

What is beyond the expanding universe?

The universe contains space and time. "Outside" the universe, there would be no space or time, and without these, nothing can exist.

What is the space outside a triangle called?

The rest of the Universe?

What is the hottest part of a torch flame?

Its the center because that is most protected from the outside elements.

What is neither inside a house nor outside?

The door.

Does the universe move?

The planets within the universe move, but tecnichally the universe cant move because the univese dominates everything. outside the atmosphere, every mm is part of the universe

What do you do if a number is outside the absolute value box?

You treat it as normal.

How do you find the domain and range of an absolute value function?

The domain would always be the set of all real numbers while the range depends on the sign outside the term in the absolute value and the other operations to be evaluated outside the absolute value term.

Is the universe shaped like a banana?

No one knows that because we have not explored outside the universe. If you are thinking about the galaxy, it looks like a straight line from Earth and a circular object from outside the galaxy.