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5c for a year 7 student is average, as many accomplish level 5 in year 6

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Q: Is level 5c in Maths good level in year 7?
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Is level 5c good for an 11 year old?

yes its a good level on the other hand 4a is not as good

What is the average level for a year 7 maths levelAsk us anything?

It depends what school you go to.In my school, where we specialise in maths, the average level would be about a 6c. But in a grammer school it could be higher. If you mean the national curriculum levels then the average is about 4a-5c. Hope this helped :)

What would this mean (In a maths state) 45c/5c?


How many marks do you need in year 6 sats to be a level 5B?

about 78 to get a level 5c

How do you get level 6c in year 7 maths?

I hear you; and I tried. However, at first it made no difference. At the end of year 6, I achieved a level 4b. That would of placed me in the middle set for year 7 maths. Although my school decided to assess us again with a placement test. I was placed in the top set, because I have achieved a 4a in that. For a matter of months, I had been working at a 5c. I couldn't move any higher. I tried hard, I worked hard. I even revised a lot more than usual a few weeks before my end of year 7 tests. After taking the tests, I was informed that I had achieved a level 5c. I thought that now I would end up in middle set in year 8. Wrong, it was a mistake! The database had been muddled up and I found myself in the year 8 top set maths. I thought that it was because of my low attendance, as 5c was high for someone who has as low attendance as me! But no, I found out I achieved a level 6c in that maths test! With only little pressure! So that's how you achieve a level 6c for maths at the end of year 7. Revise, but not too much, and take regular breaks. Have a good night of sleep the night before your maths test and you may even achieve higher. Sorry about the long story, but I hope you get the idea of it...

What is the average level in maths for a year 7?

These days, lots of secondary schools in England are starting to settle for a level 4a. The truth is, I am in a school that specialises in business and enterprise and in some cases, a level 5b at the end of year 7 may place you in top set for year 8. I achieved a level 6c at the end of year 7 and ended up in top set for year 8. Really, a 4a, 5c or 5b is average; occasionally a 5b may be high.

What is level 5c in year7 equivalent to?

grade c

My son got a 5c in his year 7 science exam is this a good grade?

Yes this is an alright grade but your son should soon start working towards a Level 6B-6A in future exams.

If you 31 marks out of 40 questions in a sats test what level is that?


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The iPhone 5c came out in 2013 and may or may not still be available from Apple in 2015.

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Yes, it has plenty of storage. The iPhone 5c comes in 16gb,32gb and 64gb models.

What is equal to 5c?

5c =41f=278k

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