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yes it is the strongest Pokemon

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โˆ™ 2011-09-13 03:56:15
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Q: Is lugia the strongest Pokemon
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What is the strongest Pokemon in goldsilver?

The strongest Pokemon is Lugia. It's the strongest, the rarest is Celebi.

What is the strongest Pokemon in Crystal?

Ho-oh or Lugia is the strongest Pokemon in Crystal. Tyranitar would be third strongest.

Is Lugia the strongest Pokemon in the world?

No, but I like Lugia. Arceus is the strongest. Please give me trust points.

Is lugia is the strongest Pokemon?

If this is attack your talking about, then no Deoxys in attack form is the strongest.

What is the strongest Psychic Pokemon in Crystal?

Lugia is the strongest Psychic Pokemon in Crystal. Celebi or Porygon 2 is second strongest.

What is the strongest Pokemon in soul silver?

lugia or ho-oh

What is the strongest flying type Pokemon in pearl?

my opinion is lugia.

Is Lugia the second strongest Pokemon?

no its deyoxs and then the first best is arceus or drakrai but i know lugia is not the 2nd best.

Strongest rare Pokemon?

Its either lugia or dialga. no way its arcius

Whats the strongest Pokemon?

One opinion is that Arceus is the strongest Pokemon but if it was without its Judgment attack then it would be tied with Lugia and Ho-Oh.

Pictures of the strongest Pokemon card?

It's shadow Lugia it is the strongest card in pokemon. It has 300 hp,and 1,000 attack.I am not joking at all. i have it

What is the strongest flying type Pokemon in Pokemon platinum?

The strongest flying type in Platinum is probably Arceus (when you change it to a flying type). If you do not have an Arceus than the strongest is probably Lugia.

What is the strongest Pokemon in HeartGold?

Lugia Lv.70 (after reaching pewter city).

What is the best Pokemon in Pokemon Colosseum?

lugia. you cant get it in that game. tyranitar is the strongest shadow Pokemon but you can get deoxys and ho-oh.

Who is most strongest Lugia or Ho-oh?

Lugia is stronger than Ho-oh because it's a water type Pokemon

What is the strongest Ledgenary Pokemon on Pokemon Soulsilver?

i would say........lugia,ho-oh,groudon,rayquaza,kyogre.

Which is the strongest water Pokemon?

lugia ,I mean if pay atention to the movies you would know that

What is the most powerful pokemon in pokemon fire red?

Statistically, Mewtwo, Ho-Oh, and Lugia are tied as the strongest pokemon when based on stats.

What are the 6 strongest Pokemon in emerald?

Groudon, kyogre, rayquaza, mewtwo, lugia, ho-oh.

Where are the strongest Pokemon in Pokemon soulsilver?

Garchomp, Slaking, Gardvoir/Gallade, Tyranitar, Lucario, and Lapras. All are excellent.The strongest Pokemon you can meet in Soul Silver are Lugia, Ho-OH, Mewtwo and Groudon.

Who has the strongest Pokemon team on Pearl?

I have a lv.100 ho oh, lugia, groudon, kyogre, celibi, and blaziken.

What is the strongest Pokemon card in the world?

charsard G level X <------------- whoever said that is sadly mistakin its actually shadow lugia with 300 HP and a single attack with 1000 damage go search it on google images The strongest Pokemon card is shadow Lugia level x

What is the strongest legendary in Pokemon White?

Zekrom is the strongest Pokemon you ca catch on Pokemon White. It is joined second strongest with Mewtwo, Lugia, Ho-oh, Rayquaza, Dialga, Palkia, Giratina (both formes) and Reshiram with a base stat total of 680. The only Pokemon that is stronger is Arceus with a base stat total of 720.

Can you get Lugia on Pokemon Yellow?

No, you cannot get Lugia on Pokemon Yellow.

Where do you get dark lugia?

You can't get Dark Lugia in Pokemon Silver, Gold, or Crystal. You can get Dark Lugia in Pokemon XD though. For Pokemon Silver, Gold, and Crystal it is just the regular Lugia.